Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Terra Nova - I don't wanna recap you anymore

There are good things and bad things about television shows like The Walking Dead. A good thing is that it is truly an excellent television show.  It's well done, well written, and has zombie violence.  A bad thing is that it's too good. It makes watching shows like Terra Nova, which could, nay, should be better, an almost impossible task.  The bad shows are bad and will always be bad so I harbor no expectations from them.  Terra Nova, however, isn't bad and should be good.  There's nothing worse than being meh.  It also suffers from airing one night after The Walking Dead, which is usually still fresh in my mind.

Well, here it goes anyway:

"Now You See Me"
Commander Badass leaves the colony for the day to do a little exploring.  He finds his son's rock drawings but before he can really study them Mira comes up behind him.  She's there looking at the same thing.  Shortly after, Mira has Commander Badass as her hostage and is walking him back to her camp which is suspect because I really doubt she'd show him the way to the Sixer camp.  They talk, a lot, and she informs him that she was sent to Terra Nova to do a job expecting to be sent back to 2149 to take care of her daughter.  Commander Badass gets the drop on Mira and makes her put on the cuffs.  This would be total foreplay for them except for the fact that there's a dino on their trail.  They end up having to jump off (over?) a waterfall to escape the dino who is trying to make a home for him and his new girlfriend.  Awwww.... After the jump they lose the only gun they had with them.  Now they must resort to some old weapons to scare off the dinos.  The plan of setting one of them on fire works and the dinos angrily scamper off to mark territory somewhere else.  This leaves Badass and Mira chatting around a fire until morning.  They talk about his brilliant son and the progress he's making on reversing the portal back to 2149.  At one point it almost seems like Badass could be a little sweet on Mira.  He even says something along the lines of if they were in an alternate universe they'd be allies rather than enemies.  They part ways and Commander Badass returns to the colony to see what's been going on while he's been out cavorting with the enemy.

While Badass was off campus, Zoe has been playing with her baby dino from a couple of episodes ago.  He's been living in a terrarium but will soon have to be let go.  Zoe   gives baby dino a different name every day but settles on Boxer at the end.  At one point she's even got on a too big coat with something suspiciously wiggly under it.  Sadly her parents don't let her get away with smuggling Boxer and she must put him back in his terrarium.  On the day she must release Boxer back into the wild the entire family goes with her to show their support.  The dino is even kind of purring as she holds him.  It's too cute.  The family start to walk off but Zoe gives him one last look as he's barking at her.  The nearby trees rustle and out comes a giant version of Boxer.  His mom has found him and all is well.  Awwww...  This poor kid needs a pet.  DOESN'T ANYONE THERE HAVE A PET?!?!

Meanwhile...Jim and older daughter's boyfriend are working on The Case of the Terra Nova Traitor.  They notice someone outside the colony flashing a light and correctly assume someone in the colony will be flashing right back at them.  They run off to follow the flashing light and almost catch Idiot boy's female friend, Skye.  Uhhhh, she's the traitor?  I guess she did warn Idiot Boy an awful lot about getting mixed up with the Sixers.  Skye evades them but gets cut in the process leaving behind a drop of blood in a cup of liquid.  Jim spots this and decides he's gonna pressure his wife (the colony doctor) and/or science guy to run a DNA test on it because they have nothing better to do. Skye is desperate to get out of the colony and needs an excuse since Commander Badass has set a new rule that you have to have a damn good reason to leave.  Joining Idiot Boy's work detail seems like a good choice so she heads out with them and quickly gives them the slip.  We next see her at the Sixer camp delivering something to Mira's second in command dude.  Turns out, Skye is cooperating to save her mom (isn't she dead?) and get her the medication she needs in exchange for colony intel.  Jim's getting closer to figuring out she's the traitor even though she smashed the DNA sample (uh, how did she know what the sample was for?) before it spit out the traitor's identity.  Also, Jim's been the big man in charge while Commander Badass was on the hike with Mira.  Jim didn't like being temporary commander and I'm starting to wonder if Badass is long for this world. 

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