Monday, November 7, 2011

The Walking Dead - The Morning (ok, afternoon) After

"Cherokee Rose" or Hail, Hail the Gang's All Here

The episode starts with quiet and lovely shots of Hershel's farm including the barn.  Yet again, I'm giddy at the prospect of that barn but I'm guessing that we won't learn much about it just yet.  Also I realize I need to shut up about it already.  Stupid barn.

Carl wakes, asks for Sophia and Rick and Lori lie to him and tell him she's fine.  I'm ok with that.  Otis gets kinda buried, well at least they gather and say some nice things over a rock pile, and Hershel asks Shane to share.  Shane, for good reason, is hesitant but then encouraged to share Otis's last moments so Otis's wife can have some closure.  Shane recounts some parts of the actual story and has flashes of what really went down.  Dude is hot, bald and damaged and I'm absolutely in love.  Even with him swimming in Otis's overalls.

Oh! Previous to the burial, the rest of the RV crowd had shown up at the farm and there's some discussion about how to best find little Sophia.  Poor thing. Rick is pale from blood donation to Carl but is still anxious to get out there and find the missing girl.  Hershel and Maggie share a vexing look and I'm wondering what they know about Sophia and her possible location.

Dale and T-Dog are out pumping water from one of the wells and discussing their discussion from last episode.  All is forgotten or forgiven or whatever and I can't quite remember what T-Dog had said beyond them being expendable or forgettable and they kind of prove my memory loss.  T-Dog is about to take a swig of the water but Dale knocks it out of his hand because we've got a swimmer, folks.  Last week we had a hanger, before that a herd and I've loving the varying iterations of 'walkers' or zombies on this show.

Hershel takes Rick out to a beautiful view of the valley below the farm on the premise of finding routes Sophia could have taken but the conversation aims to God and His favor on the survivors.  Rick tells Hershel about the last time he asked for a sign and how it resulted in his son getting shot and them landing on Hershel's farm. This reminds Hershel that he needs to talk to Rick about their timeline.  Later he tells Rick that upon locating Sophia and Carl being healthy enough to travel, he expects that they'll move on.  Rick takes it with silence at first but then later asks Hershel to reconsider.  Hershel says he will but I doubt it'll go Rick's way.

Back to our bloated and water-logged swimmer in the well...the group is trying to get him out of there instead of shooting him so one day they can maybe drink the water.  They try sending something (dead flesh?) down on a sort of fishing line but the swimmer doesn't take the bait.  Someone mentions they'd probably have more luck with live bait and poor Glenn finds himself on the end of the fishing line being lowered down a well to a hungry and totally gross looking zombie.  Ew.  As with every time someone is attached to rope or cable or something, the line slips and Glenn gets REALLY close to getting bitten.  They haul him up with great effort and Glenn is thrilled to be alive.  Dale says, "Well, back to the drawing board." Glenn replies something smart-assy that I didn't write down (and want to kick myself for now) and wanders off.  Basically while he was struggling for his life he still managed to get the other rope around the swimmer and all they need to do is pull it up.  GLENN FOR THE WIN!!!  He gets my hero vote though Daryl still has his moment coming up.

Speaking of Daryl, he's off wandering on his own in hopes of finding Sophia.  He happens upon an old, abandoned house and goes in to inspect.  Daryl goes from room to room and the house is sooo creeky that I'm as tense as I was when they were hiding from the herd in the first episode.  He finds what seems to be a pillow and blanket in the kitchen pantry which seem to have been used recently.  Upon leaving the house he finds a pretty white flower and I have a feeling this will be mentioned again later.

Back at the well, Lassie is pulling Timmy up by the rope.  Just kidding. But the group is pulling the swimmer up and just as he's halfway out he snaps in half and his yucky bottom half goes right back down into the well.  T-Dog quips, "Good thing we didn't do anything stupid like shoot it" (which was one of the first suggestions) and then proceeds to bash the swimmer's head in.  Double Ew.

Carol, Andrea, and Shane head back out to the interstate to see if there's any sign from Sophia. Carol is tired of hearing everyone's platitudes about having hope.  We then catch up with Glenn and Maggie who are on a trip to the pharmacy to pick up supplies.  Lori has asked Glenn to pick her up a little something in the feminine hygiene aisle and he handles it as any guy would....with a face and a quick, "Sure thing."  Glenn is yammering a bit but it's cute and doesn't keep Maggie from offering herself to him in the pharmacy.  Romantic.  They return to the farm and Maggie wipes off Glenn's post-coital grin with a reminder that it was a one-time deal.  Doesn't she know that Glenn rocks?!?!?

Daryl finds Carol in the RV and remarks on how he barely recognized it after she's obviously cleaned up a bit.  He put the white flower, a Cherokee Rose, in a bottle and tells Carol the story of the rose.  It turns out to be exactly what she needed to hear in order to hold onto hope.  Daryl is so wise and always knows what to say.

We end with Carl chatting with his dad about how cool it is that they've both been shot.  Rick laughs but tells Carl not to bring this up with his mom.  Speaking of, Lori is out in the field, peeing on a stick and wouldn't you know...there's a little plus sign on it.  Yipes! 

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