Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Terra Nova - The Morning After

 Last night's episode, "Proof," opened with a lovely shot outside the colony of dinosaurs frolicking and then we even get to see the ocean!  Commander Badass and Jim have decided to go fishing and Jim even catches a huge, pre-historic looking fish that almost pulls him into the water.  They leave their fishing spot and happen upon an abandoned campsite.  Commander Badass automatically assumes it's the soldier he banished a few weeks ago and dispatches Jim back to the colony so he can track the dude alone.  That's not fishy. See what I did there? Fishy. 'Cause they were fishing.  Nevermind.

Back at the colony, nerdy teen girl is all excited over a famous geologist who has been out finding, well, new kinds of rocks I guess and is returning to the colony.  She quickly lands an internship with him but is too smart for her own good when she becomes suspicious of his authenticity. 

On the shadier side of the colony, the sixers are calling in their debt with teen boy.  Skeevy bartender tells teen boy what he's expected to do in exchange for his girlfriend (from 2149) to be on the next pilgrimage.  Apparently teen boy has to steal his mom's id card so he can steal drugs from a locked case in the clinic.  His female friend (who isn't his girlfriend but wants to be- I know, I should learn names) tries to talk him out of it and wakes him up with a little common sense...how does he know they aren't lying to him about getting his girlfriend here just to get their hands on the drugs?  Dude! So what does he do?  He asks them to prove they can get her here.  I really don't like teen boy and I wish a dinosaur would eat him.  The sixers have some sort of videophone link up with 2149 and get his girlfriend on the other end.  They do that pretend hand to hand touch thing that you usually see people do on prison glass.  We're supposed to swoon I guess but I couldn't care less.

Nerdy teen girl, meanwhile, is thinking out loud about all the things slightly off about geologist dude to her little sister, Zoe.  Zoe, ever my hero, thinks he's a vampire and sticks with this theory for most of the episode.  Hilarious.  Nerdy teen girl goes off to a very nice orchard with pseudo-geologist dude and he shows her how he's healed the apples. Also there's some stuff about a letter she wrote him years ago that she still has.  She decides he's going to prove he's a fake by comparing the DNA on the licky part of the envelope to his coffee mug.  Wondering how someone could so easily pretend to be someone else?  Wouldn't a famous geologist be recognizable to nerdy sciencey types?  Yes, but nerdy teen girl explains that in 2149 there are people (doctors, I'm hoping) who can change your face to look like anyone else. Start saving now!

Annoying teen boy snags his mom's id card and uses the sonic gun skeevy bartender gave him (just in case) to blast open the cabinet when the id card doesn't work.  The blast from the gun sends him across the room and he hits the wall with a pretty hard thud.  I applaud his idiocy and come up with a new nickname, Idiot boy.  He blasted it just enough to reach in and get the drugs but he's banged up pretty badly.  Jim is put on the case to find out who did the stealing.  Skeevy bartender devises a plan to offer up a guy innocent of this crime but likely guilty of others so that Idiot Boy won't be nabbed.  This works temporarily until Idiot Boy grows a conscience when his mom tells the story of the dying lady in the clinic who won't make it because the drugs are gone.  He confesses to his mom and dad and gives up skeevy bartender who confirms that the sixers do in fact have the technology to talk to folks in 2149.  But does Idiot Boy get any punishment for this?  Who knows?  Apparently we don't need to know things like that.

Nerdy teen girl's DNA evidence didn't work out the way she wanted so she hypothesizes that the geologist did in fact write the letter years ago but that the assistant licked the envelope and must be the imposter.  She goes to the all-seeing Eye to find evidence of crimes and pseudo-geologist is lurking behind her.  Threats are made and interrupted by the next dude who had reserved some all-seeing Eye time.  Pseudo-geologist dude steals Zoe (NOOOOOO!!!! She's the only person on this show that I care about) and takes her out to the orchard to show her the apples.  Oh.  Not very menacing.  Apparently not all scientists have that evil geniuses thing going on.  Teen girl does a captive switcheroo and sends Zoe home to tell Jim that teen girl will be making asparagus tonight.  I wonder if she grills or bakes it but apparently it's a safe word that alerts Jim that something slightly nefarious (pseudo-geologist is tying her to a tree; and there's a spider in a jar)  is afoot.  Jim, by way of Zoe, saves the day.

What about Commander Badass and the hunt for the banished soldier, you ask?  Well some big komodo dragon thing had marked the dude and Badass decides to save him from it.  In exchange for that and possible re-entry into the colony, Badass sends the banished one into the throes of the sixers to act as a spy. He must report to Badass who the traitor(s) are among the colony and then Badass will welcome him home with open and buff arms.

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