Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm in mourning...

My sweet, amazing, and beautiful dog, KC, is now off in doggy heaven chasing squirrels.  Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life.  I've never experienced the loss of a pet before.  It's absolutely awful!  I mean, I knew it was going to be terrible but...GOOD GRAVY!!! My eyes still hurt today from all the crying I did yesterday.  At one point I had stopped crying and was doing something like putting the dishes away from the dishwasher and I just burst into tears again.

Around 8 or 9pm last night I decided I had been crying enough and needed to be distracted.  So I went to my first choice which usually proves to be my most television.  In the back of my mind somewhere was the knowledge that my regular Wednesday night shows weren't on but I couldn't remember why.  Yep, the stupid CMAs were on instead.  Now, I love most kinds of music. Really.  I'm one of those people who, when asked what kind of music I listen to, answers, "Everything.  Except country."  I understand that country is a very popular form of music but it's not something I listen to unless it's some sort of cross-over that becomes wildly popular.  Hey, I know who Lady Antebellum is and I could even sing one of their songs (but I couldn't tell you the title of it).  I am probably alienating lots of people with this but I just don't care about country music or who wins what award.  I do acknowledge that it is incredibly popular and I'm sure the CMAs had strong ratings last night but they weren't doing me any good.

So there's me with nothing to keep my mind off of how I'll never look into KC's soulful eyes ever again.  I somehow ended up watching, of all things, Criminal Minds.  Let me explain my relationship with both Criminal Minds and NCIS.  I have never watched a new episode of either show.  I have, however, watched marathons of both shows on whatever channel is airing them. The unfortunate thing about Criminal Minds is that it's a show with tough subject matter.  At least NCIS has humor going for it.  Criminal Minds has Garcia, the computer whiz (pictured).  While she's a funny character (more accurately a caricature), she's usually pretty grossed out at the stuff they're investigating.  That doesn't count as humor.  If you haven't seen the show, typically someone somewhere is being hacked to death in some grotesque manner and it's the job of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (the BAU) to find the unsub (short for 'unknown subject') before they strike again.  At one point in my life I would have loved to have been a criminologist. I find criminals perplexing and fascinating.  And totally gross.  Now in my old age I'm satisfied with watching fictional criminologists work.

I think last night's episode was about a guy who was killing older brothers or something and specifically doing it during extreme weather.  I'm wondering if someone at The Weather Channel got an idea from that episode to do a special on how weather affects serial killers.  Anywhoodle they caught the guy and went back to their office to wait for the next murderous psychopath or sociopath to strike.  Unfortunately the show didn't do its job for me because I couldn't tell you what happened.  I will now go back to just watching it in reruns on cable.  Of course it's not Criminal Minds's fault that my dog left this world on the same day the CMAs forced me to watch a new episode of their show.  But if Modern Family had been on I would have been forced to laugh through my tears.  That's what I needed. Also, now every time I hear anything about the CMAs, I'll immediately think of KC.  I'll NEVER like country music now.

So my TV let me down.  You might be wondering why the heck I didn't just watch America's Next Top Model.  They're totally distracting!  I'm pretty sure the Tyra-monster and her band of merry wannabes would have just made me even more sad.
They're all sorts of depressing.

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