Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Terra Nova - The Morning After

Wow.  I did not miss Terra Nova during Fox's baseball/X-Factor hiatus. 

But we're back with the colony and in this week's episode, "Bylaw," we get a lot of what we've gotten so far.  HOWEVER, I think the writers are reading the blog because they gave me two things I requested. 

1) we got to see the local watering hole (aka somewhere people hang out aside from the market)
2) I think someone's getting a pet dinosaur!!!
"Can we keep him?"

"Bylaw" focuses on the murder of a soldier.  Commander Badass very melodramatically informs us (by way of main character, cop Jim Shannon) that there have been losses but never from murder.  First we're led to think the soldier's girlfriend (a slutty mess hall worker who wears too much eyeliner) did it but then her jealous husband confesses.   The cuckolded hubby gets banished with a backpack, a gun and a public "don't let the gate roll down on you very slowly on your way out."  Jim smells a rat and decides that the guy took the fall for someone and sneaks him back into the colony.  Turns out he only confessed because he thought he was covering for his wife who swears she didn't do it either.  BTW, she only married him for a ticket out of 2149 but because he confessed she now loves him.  Right.

We later find out, after a little misdirection, that another soldier killed the guy because of some gambling debt.  He gets banished with no backpack, no gun and no public adios.  Just good ol' frontier justice at the hands of these two:

Meanwhile the Shannon son, whose name I don't remember and don't really care to, is mixed up with a sheisty bar owner.  "Boy Shannon" (works for me) is desperate to get his girlfriend, who is stuck in 2149, sent back to Terra Nova.  He owes sheisty bar owner a favor, which also means owing Mira, the leader of the sixer refugees, a favor.  They just like having him owe them favors because he's son of Jim the cop.  They want to get to Jim the Cop because he seems to be trusted by Commander Badass.  Again, I just don't seem to care.  I'm more excited about the new pet dinosaur.

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