Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Glee, New Girl and Raising Hope - Didja watch?

First off I need to get this off my chest.  Have you guys noticed commercial length on Fox?  It could just be me but on nights like last night it seemed like there were waaaaayyyy more commercials than actual show.  If I really cared I guess I could time it.  Mostly I just want to complain.

Didja watch Glee?  If you had you woulda seen:

- an incredibly musical episode.  Someone was breaking into song every few minutes and I loved it.

- Puck thinking he's in love with Shelby who has been substitute teaching at McKinley.  So what does he sing?  "Hot for Teacher" of course!  I haven't heard that song since Varsity Blues.

- Mr. Schue and Shelby trying to get the kids to stop fighting so they sing "You and I" and then challenge both groups to come up with a mash-up song of their own.  It's worth noting this is the second song of the episode and the credits aren't even done rolling yet.  Nice.

- Dodgeball!  What song can they sing but "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" mashed with "One Way or Another"

- The New Directions go with, of all things, a Hall & Oates mash up.  Holy 80s!  It's not great.  They sound good but it was a bad choice.

- the ugliest campaign ad ever.  It's an anti-Sue ad and even she wouldn't stoop that low.  It's awful.  Which leads us to...

- The Troubletones's Adele mash up of "Rumor Has It" and "Someone Like You."  Personally (as far as their voices go) I would have had Santana singing "Rumor Has It" and Mercedes leading "Someone Like You" but I get why they did the opposite.  It was a great mash up and the LBD's were very cute.

My heart really goes out to Santana in this one.  Even if Finn was right about why she was berating him, he went waaaaayyyy too far in calling her out. 

Didja watch New Girl?  If you had you woulda seen:

- Justin Long!  He's Jess's new love interest, Paul.  He's probably the music teacher at the school where she teaches.  His Nana died a month ago and even wrote a depressing Halloween madrigal about it that the students performed.

- Jess wants to do Thanksgiving much to Nick's chagrin.  He just wants beer, football and Best Buy.  Who doesn't?!?!  She tells them they have to because she's invited Paul. For good reason, the roommates wonder if there actually is a Paul or if she's just named the turkey Paul.  She assures them there is a real Paul and she wouldn't name the turkey that.

- No, the turkey's name is Hank.  Like Hanksgiving? Get it?

- Jess tries thawing the turkey by, well, cuddling with it.  That doesn't work so she puts it in the dryer 'cause it's too big for the oven.
 - The dryer explodes so they go to a neighbor's apartment, Old Mrs. Something-or-other.   Jess has a key and is under the impression Old Mrs. Something is out of town.  She's not. She's dead, in the bathroom, on the toilet.  Paul FAH-REAKS out!  It's funny.

There's more stuff about them at Best Buy, line cutting and alluding to Nick and Jess having feelings for each other.

Didja watch Raising Hope?  If you had you woulda seen:

 - Living room balloon ball. It's worth noting that I've totally played balloon ball. I'm good too.

- It's Thanksgiving and Burt's parents, the Six Million Dollar Man and Mrs. Partridge, want to visit.

- Burt doesn't want his parents at his real house so Virginia gets the idea to stay in one of the houses she cleans.  The owners be out of town and I'm sure nothing will go wrong.  She takes Burt there to check it out and he mistakenly thinks they're at the house to have 'unfamiliar house sex.'  Then they're in the kitchen and Burt thinks they're going to have 'unfamiliar kitchen sex' on the island.  He says it's probably their only chance to have sex on an island and I giggle.

- Inevitably the family comes back early, the Chance's get kicked out and Burt's parents have to admit they lost all their money investing with Bernie Madoff and Border's books.  Heh.  They learn how to be poor and survive but hate it so they go stay with Burt's brother instead but leave with much more respect for Burt than they showed up with.  All's well that ends well.

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