Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Charmed Blokes

Episodes Watched
"Animal Pragmatism"
"Pardon My Past"
"Give Me a Sign"
"Murphy's Luck"

So the good news is, we've finally found a decade where Phoebe's fashion choices make sense! "Pardon My Past" sends Phoebs back to visit a former life in the '20s, and she couldn't look snappier.
I honestly don't know what that's supposed to be.
Totally normal!

Into It
I had a lot of fun with all the dudes in this four-episode chunk.We got:

The Bad Boy: Bane is back! He kidnaps Prue in "Give Me a Sign" for help with a little demon problem he's having, and they finally have some sexy time!
Did Bai Ling give you a cheesy tattoo as well, Bane?

The Worse Boy: Turns out that the love of a wicked warlock named Anton turned Phoebe evil in a past life. But can you blame the girl?
And we have another General Hospital alum! Nikolas Cassadine, at your smarmy service.

The Boy Who Was in The Mummy: Yep, Imhotep makes an appearance as a darklighter who is targeting Amy Adams in another fun "she's not famous yet" role to complement her appearance in Buffy season 5!
A face made to play a badass.

The Bratty Boy: Dan does not miss a chance to give Leo an eyeful of some PDA with Piper. Kinda makes me like him more.
"What? Leo is standing five feet away? I had no idea."

Piney Boys: Poor Leo. He doesn't miss a chance to give Piper the puppy-dog eyes, and make pointed little comments about how they're supposed to be together.
"And that's why they call it soulmates, PIPER."

Over It
Stop messing with me, show! In "Murphy's Luck" Piper finally acknowledged that her heart belongs to green-eyed Leo . . . just in time for him to regain his wings to save Prue, thereby re-complicating their relationship. I need to call Nicole again and have her tell me these two are going to make it work.

Waiting for It
I'm somewhat intrigued by this talk of "The Source" that likes to feed on witches. But mainly, I just want much more of this:

 I'm closer than I'd like to admit to making one of these videos myself.


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