Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Being Human “Mama Said There’d Be Decades Like This”

Aidan is a wee bit tortured and seems to be enjoying it.  He’s on the hunt for Henry and feeding on live humans.  A lot.  Apparently vamps can get blood drunk and we see this happen to Aidan.  He’s not an angry drunk so there’s that.  He does get a bit snarky when Josh needs his help, which wasn’t very nice.  Oh and he’s seeing Bishop, which is bad news since Aidan killed Bishop last season.  Huh.  Bishop is trying to give Aidan some tips on how to take over and get his life back on track.  We take some trips down memory lane and even get a flashback to 1918 and see soldier versions of Aidan and Henry.   Imaginary Bishop encourages Aidan to get rid of Henry once and for all but Aidan can’t kill his progeny.  Then Bishop leaves him with the warning that really the child kills the parent (as happened in their relationship).  Yeah, I’m guessing Henry won’t take the attack lightly.

Josh hasn’t heard from Nora in a while and is being kept out of the loop with whatever went down with her and the twins.  This is unfortunate when two police detectives drop by the hospital to question him about a) Nora’s whereabouts and b) what he knows about her ex-boyfriend’s murder.  As I mentioned, Josh goes to Aidan for help from the recently turned vamp cop, Cecilia, but it doesn’t go well.  Josh goes to Cecilia thinking Aidan would have mentioned the story to her first but he hadn’t.  He’s too busy having imaginary conversations with a dead vamp.  Cecilia isn’t interested in helping Josh either until he mentions delivering the purebred twins in exchange for making the case against Nora go away.  She agrees and even compels the detectives to leave Josh and Nora alone.  Josh delivers on his promise and even gives Cecilia the dead Amish vamp’s shotgun and silver bullets to sweeten the deal.  I wonder if Nora will forgive him for this since she seems to feel right at home with the twins.

Sally gets the bad news that her mom is in the hospital and her prognosis isn’t great.  Her mom dies and immediately wants to go out on the town instead of checking on how her dad is handling it.  At her funeral she’s even off making out with their old neighbor which totally creeps Sally out.  Sally had hoped they’d have some quality mother/daughter time but her mom’s too busy getting busy.  Turns out Sally’s mom had an affair with him and has had to quietly mourn his death for the past 10 years.  Sally invites her mom to dinner to meet the roommates and of course she brings her ghostie boyfriend.  It’s not great, especially the part where Sally yells at her mom for cheating on her perfectly nice and loving father.

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  1. Thank you for your review of the previous episode. I enjoyed reading and seeing the nice pictures from the series. I will bookmark this website for next episodes review! Thank you!