Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Being Human, season 2

"I Loathe You for Sentimental Reasons"
Did you know who you are doesn't go away?  No matter how hard you try to change.  This is an argument I've been making lately and the show confirmed it for me.  I love validation, especially when it comes from a favorite television show.  I think I need to get out more.

Anywhoodle, Aidan tries to hit up his blood supply from last week but she's just about tapped out.  She promises to get him someone else.  He spends part of the episode flashing back to the early part of the century.  Back when he had to clean up for Suren a lot.  Back when he rocked a pencil-thin porn-stache.  He and Suren bickered a lot and it feels an awful lot like foreplay.  In current times, she's brought home a skeezy, bald dude who want to be "made."  In exchange for becoming a vamp he can offer things like fresh donors, politicians, and more.  He even offers to help with the orphan vamp situation they still haven't cleaned up yet.  Suren is on board immediately.  Aidan wishes to be more careful this time around.  Speaking of...we flashback again and meet a lovely chap named Henry.  He's got stars in his eyes but is it for power or Suren or both?  Back in the present, Aidan is still really hurting for a hit but won't stoop to feeding from a little girl (she was the other lady's idea. Ew.)  Flashback again and he's in Suren's room, zipping up her dress.  My favorite piece from Lakme is playing (you know the one...it's a duet that they use in car commercials, airline commercials, other commercials...) in the background and I forget to pay attention to what they're saying.  Back in the present again and Aidan agrees to turn the bald dude.  I guess he's really hungry.  One last flashback and Suren is in bed with Henry.  He gloats about getting the girl to Aidan who tries to stake him but Suren stops him.  Back in the present (last time) and Aidan is going to town on the dude's neck.  Suren joins in and the next thing you know, they're all bloodied up and making out/doing it:

Sally is still pushing Zoe the reincarnation nurse for a shot at jumping into a newborn.  Zoe would rather she join a ghostie support group.  A cute doc stops by to talk to Zoe but she gets all shy and tongue twisted.  In order to keep herself occupied, Sally decides to play matchmaker and help Zoe get the cute doc.  At ghostie group Sally runs into her old friend, Nick.  They hit it off but he had this one flaw...he kept reliving his death over and over and over.  After group Nick thanks Sally and says he's all better thanks to her.  Sally thinks maybe she should give him another shot until she finds out that he and Zoe are kind of dating.  Uh, how does that work?  Nevermind, I don't want to know.  Even worse she finds out that because of Zoe he's stopped the daily death do-overs (say that 3 times fast).  Sally wonders why he couldn't achieve that when they were together and I do too.  To soften her hurt she jumps into cute doc's girlfriend so she can make out with him.

In Josh land, he's met and helped out a pair of rich, wolf twins. Turns out they're purebreds and were not turned like he was.  Huh.  The wolf twins (who have ridiculous rich person first names that I didn't bother writing down) take Josh to a club in order to thank him properly for his help at the hospital (he sneaked male wolf out before the full moon).  At the club the male proves his uber-hip status by snorting something in full view of the entire club.  Josh, being raised to JUST. SAY. NO. goes to excuse himself but female wolf tells him it's just a little wolfie Xanax...you know, wolfsbane.  The wolfsbane keeps the wolfie tendencies at bay so they can be a bit more normal (me thinks this is a clue to Josh's research).  Speaking of the research, Josh gets their attention with mention of it and they want to see what he's got going on.  He takes them to the storage unit (BTW, Nora is nowhere to be found in this ep) but soon finds out they want the exact opposite.  Since they're purebreds they want to be wolfie all the time.  Being human (get it?) is the unnatural part of their existence.  They offer to throw money at Josh and his research and he reluctantly agrees. While leaving a message for Nora about the wolfie wonder twins we hear him saying they seem kinda cool but the camera cuts to them, in human form, tearing up what probably used to be a deer.  Ew.

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