Thursday, February 16, 2012

Survivor: One World; episode 1

Somewhere on a remote Polynesian island lies 2 tribes, 1 camp.  

This time around it’s men vs. women and that will work just fine.  Also, no Redemption Island!  Yay!

Here are the first impressions:
Kourtney – cute, tattooed, kooky; then…breaks wrist and goes home during the first challenge.  Oops.
Colton – über-gay and wants everyone to know it; bonds with the girls
Tarzan – wants to be called Tarzan (even though his first name is Greg); nice ‘stache, terrible shirt (of course I'd rather see the shirt on than off); still in shock that he’s a plastic surgeon.
Troyzan – really?  Ok, it's Troy but he did say Troyzan. That’s worse than Tarzan; makes lots of broad generalizations about broads.
Michael* – aka ‘brows’; total jerk, steals from the girls right off the bat.  DO NOT WANT
Chelsea – CHUCKTOWN IN THE HOUSE! Great teeth; like her a lot.  GO CHELSEA!
Jonas – cute; nerdy; and will totally have to prove himself necessary if he wants to stay around.  Maybe he’ll show mad knife skills with the fish they catch.
Alicia – Ew.  JUST EW.  She starts an alliance right away and part of me expects it’s because she knows deep down that people will hate her.
Kim – pretty; seems reasonable enough.
Sabrina – Like her.  Like her a lot.  She finds an idol but can’t keep it.  Bummer.  She also shows some strength as a strategist, which will either serve or destroy her. She’s my second favorite.
Matt* – cute but arrogant; complains immediately about Colton.
Bill* – kind of under the radar except for one statement: “They [the girls] need us more than we need them.”  Uh, Bill…who caught the 2 chickens?  The girls did.  In fact Chelsea from Charleston did. 
Jay* - a model, how novel; high talker; needs to go quickly because I don’t like listening to his voice.
Leif – I’m much more distracted by his nipple rings than the fact that he’s a little person.
Kat – Cute but clueless; doesn’t know what the word “ambiance” means.  Keeping fingers crossed that the dumb blonde act is just that.
Monica – also kind of under the radar; but steals fire from the guys in the middle of the night with…
Christina – also seems reasonable and doesn’t take crap from Alicia (this makes her my 3rd fave in the game)
Nina – bad hair, even worse fat lip from the challenge.  Other than that she’s pretty much under the radar too so far.

* the male model alliance. Not all are actually models but look like they could be. 

I watched this with my mom and had to share her funny quote of the night, though she'd prefer that I didn't.  There was a shot from above looking down on their campsite on the beach and my mom says, “That looks like Google Earth.”

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