Thursday, February 23, 2012

Suburgatory, Modern Family and Happy Endings - Didja watch?

Didja watch Suburgatory "Fire with Fire?"
-Apparently Chatswain is the silly trend capital of the world.  They had the male nanny trend, the spotted owl trend (which translated to people walking around with owls on their shoulders), and the British Royal Hat trend (I fell prey to this one).  Thanks to Dallas’s divorce from Jay Mohr, the ‘leaving your husband and getting plastic surgery’ trend is the next one to spread.
-Noah hasn’t fixed the shower head as he was asked, so it falls and hits his wife on the head.  She bleeds and everything!  The next shower she falls and breaks her nose.  When she runs into Dallas (who has just had a list of elective procedures) at the hospital, Noah’s wife elects to have everything she had.  Then she leaves Noah.
-Dalia uses Lisa to get back at Tessa for “stealing Scott.”  Lisa doesn’t mind it one bit and even gets a Dalia make-over (straightened hair and too much eyeliner). 
-Dallas has a new lover and GAH! It’s Fez!
-There’s a hilarious but bossy kid (AJ) at the country club who tries to give Noah advice on dealing with the ladies. I really hope he's on the show more often.
-There’s a school dance and the Situation is the DJ.  Ew.He does get them all to fist-pump.
-Noah wins back his wife by a) riding up on a white horse and b) fixing the shower head. Really all he needed to do was fix the shower head.

Didja watch Modern Family “Virgin Territory”
-Cam is convinced that Claire never returned a Tupperware container she borrowed.
-Luke and Manny are pissed that Lily is the cute one and gets all the laughs now and are going to put a stop to it.  They set up a Rube Goldberg trap and instead Cam ends up slipping in spilled milk (which would have been blamed on Lily) and hurting his back. 
-Lily’s doll gets hurt in the kitchen incident so Cam and Mitchell suggest the doll get taken to the doll hospital at the mall where there’s an on-call doctor.  Yep. 
-On the way to the hospital, Phil says “Haley’s aversion” but Alex heard “Haley’s a virgin” and laughs heartily at the notion.  Poor Phil spends the rest of the episode dealing with his daughter being, uh, less innocent than before.
 - Turns out Cam is faking his back injury and sends everyone away so he can search Claire’s kitchen for his missing container.  Luke and Manny return home so he sends them out, with his car keys, to wash his car.  They clean it but then also decide to do the slowest joy ride known to man just to get a girl’s attention.  It’s pretty cute.
-Oh and Cam finds the container but falls and hurts his back again in the process. 

Didja watch Happy Endings “The Butterfly Effect Effect”
-It’s time for Brad and Other Blonde’s annual spring fight.  When they have this fight the guys have a douche week which gets Max out of his bear hibernation.  Other Blonde goes to Penny for guy advice which is the only time of the year Penny is better off than Other Blonde.  Brad and OB don’t fight as expected so whatever will they do?  David and Penny decide they need to urge the fight which will ensure douche week, Max out of hibernation and Penny’s one week to feel good about herself. 
-One thing that really cracked me up was Blonde’s Renee Zellweger impression, which is just a variation of her drunk chipmunk impression.  Heh.

 -Also funny was Max in hibernation mode.  He even ended up looking JUST LIKE Winnie the Pooh, right down to the hand in the honey jar.
-Brad and OB fake a fight which doesn’t do the trick until they get into a real fight.  All the things fall into place and they get Max out of hibernation mode.  Too bad.  I liked Max the Bear.

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