Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Being Human "The Ties That Blind

Josh and Aidan’s worlds collided a lot this week.  Sally was left to her own devices, as per usual.  In fact, when I went to find official screencaps I couldn’t find any.  Apparently the show doesn’t care about Sally.  Anywhoodle…

Aidan and Other Amish Vampire are being chased through the woods by 4 wolves.  I wonder how they got in this situation.  Then we see Josh and Nora wake up naked and dirty in the grass.  I wonder how they got in this situation.  Then we get a “24 hours earlier” card and we’re at the house, which is being haunted by a ghost other than Sally.  The guys task her with finding out why the word WHORE was written on the bathroom mirror and the kitchen furniture was rearranged vertically.  Then they leave her.

Aidan’s side of things: Other Amish Vamp wants answers about what happened to Original Amish Vampire and who killed him, which was a leap but a correct one.  Aidan gets on Josh’s case for going to vamp cop Cecilia (about blaming and killing the twins on his own without Aidan’s intervening.  All this is going to reflect badly on Aidan and he’s not happy.  The twins are watching Aidan on his break and they’re really starting to creep me out.  They call him and have Cecilia as a hostage.  He can get her back if he meets them out in the woods.  That’ll go well.  Aidan wrangles “Other Amish Vampire” to go with him and dude thinks they’ll have complete control of the showdown with the purebreds. 

Josh’s side of things: Josh sees Nora in the hospital’s cafeteria and she reveals she’s been gone for 16 days.  He’s upset that she killed her ex (even though he may have done it if pushed slightly).  She’s kinda snippy with him but mostly because she didn’t know if he’d want to see her again.  Uh, didn’t all his phone messages from last week clue you in on that?  Anywhoodle, the twins visit Nora and tell her they knew about Josh’s plan to get rid of them via Vamp Cop Cecilia.  Later Josh and Nora get into a fight at the storage place and she leaves to shift with the twins at the shed in the woods. 

Aidan, Josh, Nora, and the twins are all at the shack with Other Amish Vamp and Cecilia out in the woods somewhere.  The twins are blaming Aidan for the blame that was put on them and want to hunt him and Cecilia for sport…like in the old days.  Fun.  Aidan takes off, finds Other Amish Vamp who, when he hears the news there are more than two wolves, takes off for home, leaving Aidan all alone in the woods.  He finds Cecilia and all four wolves find them.  Cecilia’s been badly beaten and would slow him down anyway so she gives him permission to leave her…to the wolves.  So that’s where the saying comes from.  Cut to the next morning when Nora Josh are waking up.  They have a conversation about how he wants to be normal/human and she’s thrilled to be a wolf and break things off.  The four wolves all join up again at the shack and Aidan totally shoots boy twin.  Whoa.  Girl twin is devastated and Nora consoles her.  Josh and Aidan leave, Aidan with boy twin’s wolfie body.  He gives the body to Other Amish vamp and tells him to do whatever he wants with it. 

And how about Sally?  Well she figures out that the ghost haunting her and the house is Danny who was killed in prison.  She went to Aidan who said he’d help but not until his shift was over (he even suggested she go watch a 90210 marathon with a girl who just had her appendix removed).  Danny materializes in his prison orange jumpsuit, they square off and just when it looks like he might get the best of her he’s vaporized by the creepy smoke guy.  Then creepy smoke guy, Reaper, materializes and he’s not bad looking.  Apparently Sally’s existence perplexes some people and he must remove her from the earth.  He gives her times to say her goodbyes to the Aidan and Josh but they really can’t be bothered, what with the night they had.  So Sally sits alone on the stairs and utters that she’s ready.  Heart. Breaking. 

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