Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HIMYM and 2BG - Didja watch?

Didja watch How I Met Your Mother "The Drunk Train?"  Didja wanna throws things at your TV like I did?

- The episode started lightly with the gang sitting around their table making "Top 10 things said on Lily and Marshall's wedding night" jokes.  Didn't they get married like 2 or 3 years ago?  Aren't these a little after the fact?  Anywhoodle, Lily and Marshall mention having to get back to Long Island before the "Drunk Train" aka the train with all the drunk people.  Clever. 

- Of course a train full of drunk skanks is exactly what Barney and Ted want.  There's some nonsense about Ted owing Barney after having dragged him along on a double date.  The date (Hi Becki Newton!) didn't fall for any of Barney's crap so he was miserable and Ted owes him.  Ted's all for it because he's tired of looking for "the one."  And I say...THANK GOD!  Joke names for the drunk train abound but my fave is: Whore-ient Express.

- Marshall and Lily are on a couples weekend with Robin and Kevin and are boring them with tales of how they don't keep score in their relationship.  In fact they have lots of examples of how they don't keep score.  Meaning, of course, they actually do keep score.  It's like the writers think we need to be hit over the head every week.
- Somehow Kevin is still in a romantic mood and proposes to Robin.  She doesn't say yes (RED FLAG!) and needs time to think.  Robin tells Kevin about her not being able to have kids but he proposes again anyway and says they could adopt, etc.  She then clarifies that she doesn't want any kids and he sticks with the original proposal.  He's too good for her, y'all.  She thinks he'd be giving up too much for her and that's not fair to either of them.

- Barney and Ted have trouble staying awake on their first train ride and strike out on their second.  They put their limited brain power together and realize they need to be drunk too.  It works better but Barney's still thinking about Becki Newton who gave him no play at all.

- Robin opens up to Ted about the Kevin saga (they broke it off) and Ted, still hopefully drunk, declares his love for Robin.  Again.  Stupid show.

Didja watch 2 Broke Girls "And the Broken Heart?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Valentine's Day in Brooklyn, yo!
- Sophie drops by the diner in an outfit totally wrong for NYC in February and Oleg gives her another shot.

- Apparently Sophie's outfit was totally wrong for Earl's heart too.  He is having his third (or was it fourth?) heart attack and the girls rush him to the hospital.  Earl's OK but wants a private room.  Turns out Caroline's ex is a doctor there with lots of connections and gets Earl moved to a VIP room.  She tries to re-kindle with him but he shoots her down because of her dad and what he did.  It's a good thing Max is in her corner because girl's got no one.

- Speaking of...Caroline's dad sends her his annual gift of roses and sends some to Max too for taking such good care of his little girl.  Awwww! 

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