Friday, February 3, 2012

30 Rock and Parks & Recreation - Didja watch?

Didja watch 30 Rock "Today You Are A Man?"  If you had you woulda seen:
- Liz trying to out-Jack Jack. Except Jack would never wear a bright red watch.

- Liz's contract is up for renegotiation and she decides to handle it herself.  In order to stand up to Jack she takes pointers from the best...Jack himself.  She studies a seminar he did 10 years ago and uses all his tips.  Jack is thrilled he can finally go up against a worthy competitor.  HIMSELF!  He even calls it a "Jack Off."  Heh.

- Tracy and Jenna get roped into appearing at their accountant's son's bar mitzvah.  He wanted Transformers!  Tracy and Jenna are stuck if they want to stay on the good side of the IRS so they try to figure out how to best please the kid and actually make the day about him and not themselves.

- Kenneth is still dealing with the fallout from Jack's decision to cut the page program.  Too bad no one at TGS noticed he was gone for a whole day.  In order to get them to appreciate him he switches duties with another page (KRISTEN SCHAAL!) and takes on her duties at Suze Orman's show.  Suze verbally smacks some sense into Kenneth (not an easy feat) and tells him he needs a better job.  He takes her advice and goes to Jack about other career opportunities.

- Liz is almost able to out-Jack Jack but he gives in and lets her win.  It's very cute that he values their friendship so much.

Didja watch Parks and Recreation "Operation Ann?"  If you had you woulda seen:
- Valentines Day in Pawnee!  Leslie is out with her girlfriends for their annual Gal-entine's celebration.  She'd enjoy it more if poor Ann had someone to love!

- Leslie is on a mission to find Ann a date for Pawnee's community Valentine's dance.  But before that she and Ben exchange gifts.  He had a Yachter Otter made for her, which is based on a dream she had about a playboy otter who was lost at sea.  It's adorable.  She gives him clues to a scavenger hunt.  Poor guy. 

- Chris is still bummed about being dumped by his girlfriend and is also the DJ at the dance.  All he's playing is depressing music and no one can get him out of his funk.  Well, until Leslie talks to him.  She reminds him of how good he had it with Ann and this cheers him up.

- Leslie tasked April and Tom with finding Ann a date and they come up empty too.  Useless Jerry unknowingly brings a gigolo from Craigslist!  It's a good thing Tom is able to make Ann laugh about the whole thing.

- Ron and Andy help Ben with his scavenger hunt.  Apparently they've found another thing Ron loves and is quite good at.  At one point they end up at the snow globe museum where they run into Martin Starr!  He's less than helpful but it doesn't matter.  It's Martin Starr!

- At the end Leslie sees Ann freshening up her makeup and assumes she and Chris have rekindled their relationship.  She and Ben are about to have their date but both are determined to expose Ann and Chris.  Turns out they find Ann on a date with Tom instead!  Whoa.  And April set it up!  Double Whoa. 

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