Thursday, February 23, 2012

Survivor: One World "Total Dysfunction"

Seriously, that's the episode's title.  We catch up with the girls who are rehashing the events of tribal council.  We spend lots of time with Camp Estrogen and a lot less time with Camp Testosterone.  That's never a good sign.  So what do the men do this episode?  Well they win both the reward and immunity challenges.  Let's see how our 'survivors' are progressing, shall we?

Alicia - still a beeyotch; won't accept Christina's attempt at mending fences though...
Christina - didn't actually apologize but rather said she wanted to explain her side of it
Sabrina - continues to be my hope for the future of the women's camp; other women recognize her leadership skills and ask her to be their leader or "airhead manager" as she puts it.  Poor thing. This will go terribly wrong and it won't be at all her fault but they'll make her suffer.
Monica - still under the radar but getting a bit more attention
Nina - was under the radar until she spoke up about...
Kat- she TOTALLY screwed up the immunity challenge*
Chelsea and Kim - they reluctantly agree with Nina that Kat is a waste of space on the show (my words, not theirs), which goes against the alliance set with Alicia, Sabrina and Kat.

Tarzan - in a speedo (ick) for most of the episode.  He even does a dance around the campfire while the guys chant.  It's a very geriatric Lord of the Flies moment.
Jay - still has an an annoying voice.
Colton - mainly the only guy they focus on this episode; kinda useless at his camp; still wants to hang around with the girls but they don't really want him.  He tells a few of the guys that he has the immunity idol so that actually puts him in a power role.

*Immunity challenge:

A balance challenge should have been theirs to lose.  Traditionally women are much better at balancing and puzzles.  The producers are trying to keep things even-ish but it won't work if the girls continue to be dumb about it.  The deal was they had to, one at a time, walk around each person but could only touch that person.  You couldn't touch a second person or you'd have to jump in the water and start over again.  Kat went first and took FOREVER (apparently boobs were getting in her way, which is why above she's going behind people).  Plus she jumped in the water twice when she didn't need to.  It was frustrating to watch.

Tribal council:
less bickery than last time and Jeff gets on them to get their sh!t together.

"Nina, the tribe has spoken."  BYE!

Yep.  That's pretty accurate.

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