Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Glee, New Girl and Raising Hope - Didja watch?

Didja watch Glee "Michael?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Lotsa love for MJ.  Don't shoot me but I thought they went waaaayyyy overboard with their adoration.  Listen I love the man's music and think he was incredibly talented.  However, it was just a bit too much last night.
- So they decide in order to give MJ his full props they're Regionals set list will be all MJ.  This gets Blaine singing "Wanna Be Starting Something" and everyone joins in.  I miss Blaine when they don't use him (like last week).

- It's been three days and Rachel still hasn't given Finn an answer to his proposal and rightly so.  So much changes from high school to college that there's no reason to rush into something like that.  This brings us to the gang sitting around sharing their Michael memories.  Rachel has none and never connected with him the way everyone else did.  Enter icky Warbler dude, Sebastian.  They're first up at Regionals and that means they can do a full MJ set list before the McKinley kids get up to sing.  Apparently Blaine spilled to him that very morning.  Uh, why does Blaine talk to him so much?  He's awful.

 - So the lesson for the week is WWMJD?  It's agreed that he'd fight back.  He'd take it to the streets.  So they challenge the Warblers to a "Bad" off.  I don't love it.  It already wasn't as tough a song as it was intended and the Glee situation just takes away any cred it had.  This rumble in a parking garage seems less threatening than West Side Story.  That is until they spike a slushie and are about to nail Kurt with it but Blaine takes the hit for him.  He's writhing on the ground in pain.  That's not good.  Turns out Blaine's going to need eye surgery because there was something in the slushie but they can't prove it.  Artie's so pissed he rises out of his wheelchair and steps into the "Scream" video with Mike.

- Rachel goes to Quinn for help with the Finn situation and Quinn shares some news of her own...she got into Yale.  Her point is that she's leaving all her men (and troubles) behind to have a shot at a happy and successful future.  Rachel should do the same.  Quinn sings "Never Can Say Goodbye" and I love it. They should use her more too.

- Kurt and Santana talk about getting back at Icky Warbler and Santana has some great tattoo ideas for Sebastian.  Instead they decide to take the high road and beat him in the honorable way.  I'm sure this means much more singing.

- Our only moment with Sam and Mercedes consists of him making a grand gesture (putting her name in lights) and then requesting to duet with her.  After this he'll let her go back to Shane.  They sing "Human Nature" and I sing along.  I like the way all three of us sound together.  She kisses him and this will definitely lead to trouble ahead.

-Kurt's dad comes to the school with a letter from NYATA saying Kurt's a finalist.  His dad is so very proud of him and I'm so very happy for them.  It's too bad Rachel hasn't gotten any sort of letter.  Without NYATA she has no plans for her future and realizes that Finn is it for her.  All three go to visit Blaine who is rockin' an eye patch.  They sing "Ben" to him and it's nice but makes me think of rats (thanks to Crispin Glover and the movie Willard).
- Santana is somewhere with the Warblers and they duel to "Smooth Criminal" again lessening the impact of the song.  It's supremely goofy the way they try to be all tough through it.  She does get Icky Warbler to admit that he put rock salt in the slushie.  Yikes.  It's a good thing she had a recorder taped to her underboob (a word she says 2x).

- Finn sings "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" to Rachel who joins in.  The song ends and Rachel says, "Yes."  I love her dress in this scene and wonder if it's in my size somewhere.

- I'm growing quite weary of Icky and his Warblers who have been invited to the auditorium to hear McKinley's rendition of "Black or White." It's fine but the part I liked most was that they did the fun morph thing from the original video.  The Warblers, except for Icky, all join in and try to get him to be a non-icky person.  It doesn't work so Santana takes the opportunity to expose him and his rock salt to the rest of the Warblers.

- Rachel's NYATA letter finally arrives and she's a finalist too!  Interesting that she went to Kurt with the news before telling her fiance, Finn.

Didja watch New Girl "Jess and Julia?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- A lot of Schmidt getting out of the shower.  There's this whole thing about his towel always being damp and he complains about it the entire episode until he realizes he's been using Nick's towel all along.  Also, Nick never washes that towel.  Ew.  Boys.

- Nick's lady-friend (not girlfriend because they don't do labels), Julia has been sleeping over lots and doesn't seem to connect with Jess.  Jess sees this as a challenge especially because Julia is going to try to help her out of a ticket.  Nick swears she's just a straight shooter but it comes out that she's just as neurotic as everyone else.  By the end of the episode she's crocheting with Jess, Cece and their lesbian gyno friend and all is well.  Oh and she and Nick take on the label of girlfriend and boyfriend.  Awww.

- Winston is having no luck with the ladies and realizes that since he's no longer a basketball player, he's got NO GAME.  He calls up an old flame and is clueless that he only treated her as a booty call.  Through some Jess intervention he figures out how to talk to women and things go well when he apologizes to her about his past behavior.  I guess she'll be around for a little while.

Didja watch Raising Hope "Gambling Again?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- A musical about Hillary Rodham Clinton starring babies, dogs and geriatric folks.  There were two awesome things about this: 1) Baby Hope in a red pants suit and Hillary wig and 2) the humping dog being cast as Bill Clinton.  Ha!

- The Chances all struggle with gambling and get cut off by the local bookie, "Big Judy" who runs the pawn shop.  I'm sure she's a lovely person and she was hilarious on the episode with all her diabetes jokes but the woman has one of the biggest heads I've ever seen.  Anyway after being cut off, they're forced to place bets on an elementary school gym class.  The Chances do pretty well but are so distracted that they miss Hope's play.  They walk away from it (before the hilarious harness race-kids in wheelchairs being pulled by other kids) and learn their lesson of the week.  They see the musical anyway and are quite proud of the adorable Hope.  Meanwhile...I WANTED TO SEE THE HARNESS RACE!!!

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