Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Oscar Day! - The Live Blog

This is one of my favorite nights of the year.  It's all meaningless and full of self-congratulatory wealthy people but I still love it.

6:00pm - Well hello, E!  Doing filler polls already, are we?

6:02 and Giuliana's dress is interesting.  It's kind of an old 20s Hollywood glamour kind of dress.

6:06 and Wolfgang Puck is showing Ryan the "grazing menu" for the night.  Yum.

6:09 and what the heck is up with Kelly Osbourne's hair?  I don't like her dress either.

6:10 and Ryan's talking to Rose Byrne.  I'm still disappointed that Bridesmaids didn't get more nominations.  The camera cuts to Melissa McCarthy who is wearing a lovely rose colored dress.  Then Wendy McClendwhatever joins Ryan and Rose and she looks nice but in nude-ish color dress.  I'm tired of non-colors.

6:12 and Ellie Kemper's dress matches her hair.  It's kinda cool.  I love her dress.  She's adorable.

6:14 and Ryan's talking to Berenice Bejo.  I'm not thrilled with her hair style or the dress.  I like the mint color but not really the style.

6:20ish (I had to pause the telecast to step away) and George Clooney g/f looks like an Oscar statuette.

6:22ish and Ryan's talking to Melissa McCarthy.  Apparently Brian Atwood wrote a special message to her on the shoes he made for her.  I AM JEALOUS!!!

6:22ish, still and the camera cuts to Jessica Chastain in a very cool gold and black dress.  She looks great!

6:23ish and Ryan is talking to an incredibly covered up Shailene Woodley.  Her dress is white and different but still kind of cool.  It's Valentine couture and she loves it.

6:25 and Giuliana and Kelly are talking about Chastain's dress.  They agree with me.  So there.

6:26ish and Jessica Chastain adorably introduced herself to Ryan because they've never met.  I love that she shook his hand and introduced herself.  Then she introduces her adorable grandma who is wearing the coolest geode necklace.  Her dress is great but looks like it's poking her a lot.

6:29ish and Michelle Williams brought Busy Phillips.  I LOVE THAT THEY'RE BESTIES AND GO EVERYWHERE TOGETHER.

6:33ish and Ryan and George are kinda funny together.  George doesn't like the question, "Who are you wearing?" because it's more like "Who are you carrying on your back?"  Heh.  I'm so very tired of the side hairstyle.

6:37 and Jonah Hill has arrived.  He's in an all black tux.  I'm not a fan.  Of the tux.  I think he's great.

6:40ish and Ryan's talking to viola Davis in a lovely green dress with lovely green earrings.  It's Vera Wang is it's cool looking.  I like the reddish hair with the green.

6:44ish and a still severe looking Rooney Mara has arrived.  The camera is on Glenn Close in an odd green suit-looking outfit and behind her is some chick in a blue w/ black lace skintight jump suit.  Weird.

6:46ish and the camera cuts to Octavia Spencer who is there with the director of The Help.   I love her dates to these things.

6:47ish and while Ryan talks to the Apatow's the camera cuts to P. Diddy and his assistant who is busy using one of those lint picker upper things on his suit.

6:53 and Ryan's talking to Michelle Williams who is wearing a red (coral?) Louis Vuitton dress which is nice but the pink bag needs to go away.  Rooney Mara is waiting in the wings to talk to Ryan and also back there is Kate Mara, Rooney's sister who is talking to Busy.  Nice.

6:55 and Rooney joins Ryan.  She's in a white Givenchy that she picked out this morning.  It's intricate but meh. 

6:58 and we finally get to see Octavia Spencer's dress.  I like it a lot.  It's kind of nude with tons of silver beading and is incredibly flattering.  It's Tadashi Shoji and I really, really like it.  Giuliana and Kelly agree with me about Octavia but not about Rooney.

7:02 and Jonah is talking to Ryan. I like his mom's jewelry.  The camera cuts to Jean Dujardin.

7:05 and my TV flipped over to ABC's red carpet.  They're talking to Octavia and I really love that dress.  Have I mentioned that?  I like her earrings too.

7:06 and Ryan's talking to Jean Dujardin who says "Yes. John from the garden."  HE'S ADORABLE!!!

7:11 and The Dictator has arrived.  Now Ryan is talking to Bridesmaids scribes and stars Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo.  Kristen is wearing a nude dress.  Boring.

7:47 and apparently I'm not meant for live blogging.  I've stepped away for quite a while now to make my spinach and cheese Moneyballs and my War Hors d'oeuvres. While I was gone we saw Emma Stone in red, Penelope Cruz looking lovely in lavendar and some other folks I can't remember.  Also the spinach cheese Moneyballs burned me.

8:00 and I'm way behind and completely out of order.  Tim Gunn is talking to Cameron Diaz.  She looks nice.  I'm still not used to this hair length though.  Some Brit on ABC is talking to Gwynneth in white.  Her dress, Tom Ford, has a removable coat.  Clever.  I still don't like her.  I also don't believe that she and Cameron are friends.  I can't picture it.  Also Jennifer Lopez's dress is the same idea as Octavia's but kinda trashy.  Sandra Bullock's dress is interesting.  Angelina is in a veeeerrrrry dramatic black (no surprise there) dress.

8:22ish and Robin is inside talking to Natalie Portman.  She looks very classy.  I think those are polka dots so I immediately love it.

8:24ish and ABC's random Brit is talking to Brian Grazer.  His hair will always look like that.

If you like red carpet photos, IMDB already has them posted.

8:26 and Robin is talking to Chris Rock who looks younger than ever.  He's shorter than I thought or Robin is wearing big heels.

Ok, I'm done for the night.  If I live blog the show I'll miss stuff.

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