Thursday, February 9, 2012

Suburgatory, Modern Family, and Happy Endings - Didja watch?

Didja watch Suburagory "Sex and the Suburbs?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- A goat!  Tessa's got him.  Can you see it?  It was cute but there are no good screencaps.

- Anywhoodle, George finds a box of XL condoms and is concerned Tessa is having relations with Scott Strauss.  She might be if he could stop talking about his time in Zambia for two minutes.  George is convinced he can distract them with board games.  This doesn't go well and he ends up spending the evening with Tessa's friends, Lisa and Malik.

- Dallas finds M/L (M/L!) panties in Steven's pants pocket so she runs off to her divorce attorney who kinda tries to talk her out of it.  Tessa goes to Dallas to talk out her problems whilst exercising at the club.  It ends up helping both of them and the random exercising that occurs in the background is pretty amusing.  At one point women are leisurely walking up and down a flight of stairs with an exercise ball over their heads.  Weird.

- George, after a pep talk from Alan Tudyk's Noah, realizes he needs to be a dude again and less of a dad.  He hooks up with club employee, Jocelyn (played by the funny Arden Myrin).  Of course he doesn't call her after so Jocelyn will be making the club a living hell for him.

- Scott realizes that he's pushing Tessa away so he lets her know he's ready for a physical a his backyard.  In order to make things right with her father he offers the traditional Zambian goat.

Didja watch Modern Family "Me? Jealous?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Greg Kinnear!  He's a big fish that Phil is trying to reel in (my metaphor, not theirs) so he kisses up to him big time.  Interestingly, Greg's character, Tad, is a big kisser too. He kisses Claire on the mouth and this doesn't bother Phil one bit if he'll get to sell some of Tad's properties.  In fact I bet Phil would be up for an Indecent Proposal situation if Tad suggested it.  Turns out Tad is kissy with everyone so there's no need to offer Claire in exchange for a little real estate action.  However, Phil is pissed when Tad makes Claire laugh.  That's his thing.

- Cam and Mitchell are staying at Jay and Gloria's house while their place is being fumigated.  Jay and Mitchell have a back and forth over Jay making fun of lawyers.  Cam and Gloria are getting on each others' nerves and pushing some boundaries.  Manny tries to fix the situation by creating a similar but fake one of his own.  It works too.  Manny's such a smart kid.  He even helps the Jay/Mitchell situation.

Didja watch Happy Endings "The St. Valentine's Day Maxssacre?"  If you had you woulda seen:
- The explanation of the breakup window. It's uncool to dump someone near a holiday or major event.  Penny's dating a guy who annoys her (he winks a lot) but because it's too close to Valentine's Day so she can't dump him. 

- Brad wants to surprise Other Blonde with a night of Valentine's goodies.  He has a dentist appointment but loves going because he's never had a cavity.  Well there's a first time for everything.  He's afraid of needles so they put him under.  Waaaaay under.  Keeping him upright is a task and Other Blond makes a crack about it being like "Weekend at Bernie Mac's."  It's funny in a you-had-to-be-there kind of way but it made me laugh out loud at the time.

- Blond loves Valentine's Day and is truly hopeful she can help someone fall in love.  In hopes of meeting her own love she goes to a party, dressed in her slutty grandmother's clothes, in a shady part of town.  She stops to ask directions to the "party" and is mistaken for a whore.  Happens all the time.  That picture above looks like the cop is taking some, uh, liberties with her.  Poor thing.

-Max has been driving his limo around all night and ends up picking up his ex and his ex's new boyfriend.  He dumped the guy last Valentine's Day but still misses him.  Awww.  So Max makes a grand gesture (lots of candles and a carriage ride) and gets the guy.  Awww!

- While all this is happening, Dave is afraid the girl he's been having crazy sex with is ready to dump him too but is waiting to be out of the breakup window herself.  She's not and in fact was going to surprise him with a threesome for Valentine's Day.  He screws it up, of course, so no threesome for Dave this year.

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