Friday, February 10, 2012

Super-sized 30 Rock - Didja watch?

Didja watch the super-sized 30 Rock "Hey Baby, What's Wrong?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Valentine's Day at 30 Rock!

- Liz wakes up with a can of Pringles stuck on her arm and her boyfriend, Criss, singing to her.  She'd rather ignore V-Day due to 40 years of V-Day disappointments but he's convinced he can give her a nice night.  In order for them to eat a proper dinner they'll need a dining room table.  In order to get a quick table they'll need to go to...IKEA!  Oh no.  Turns out IKEA is a metaphor for people's relationships and Liz and Criss get into a big fight there and break up.

- Mary Steenburgen is Jack's mother-in-law!  She's in town to encourage Jack to do something about Avery still being in N. Korea. Jack tries to tell her he's already been all over the incredibly useless UN to no avail.  They try the Ambassador from Transylvania who makes lots of vampire jokes.  He doesn't want to help either but Avery's mom goes crazy on the guy and Jack is impressed.  In fact he's so impressed they kind of flirt with each other. Yipes! 

- Tracy and Frank take it upon themselves to help Lutz find a woman.  He screws it up and makes it even worse when he hits on Liz outside of their last ditch effort...IKEA!

- Jenna is supposed to perform live on America's Kidz Got Talent but she gets the yips.  Pete knows all about the yips because he got them back when he was an Olympic archer.  On the day of the performance he realizes Jenna needs to be in pain to perform so he shoots her with cupid's arrow.  It works, she sings, and all is well.

- Kristen Schaal is still hanging around as a page.  Jenna makes her take an un-tested Japanese pill that makes hair fall out in a certain area of your body.  No one at TGS inspires her so she wants to move on.  That is until she meet Liz and wants. her. life.  She sneaks into Liz's apartment and puts lipstick on her while she sleeps and then is on her office couch.  This is gonna get fun.

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