Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Glee, New Girl, Raising Hope, and COUGAR TOWN! Didja watch?

Didja watch Glee "Heart?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Glee's idea of great love songs (their task for the week).  I disagree with some of the choices but then great love songs are so subjective.

-  Schue wants them to go classroom to classroom when someone pays for a singing valentine.  They don't want any more shoes thrown at them so they pass.  Plus Sugar hand Schue a wad of cash to put in the glee club piggy bank.  Also, she's having a party on Valentine's Day and needs a date.  Artie and Irish compete to be that date.

- We meet Rachel's dads, played by Jeff Goldblum (LOVE HIM!) and Brian Stokes Mitchell.  They give Finn and Rachel their blessing, which is totally surprising. And even invite the Hudson-Hummels over for dinner to celebrate the engagement. 

- We meet Homeschool Joe at a meeting of the God Squad. He's named his dreads after the books of the Bible.  Oooookay.  They decide they'll do the room to room singing since the glee club passed.  Rachel is their first victim and they sing "Stereo Hearts" and Sam even raps.  Santana, pissed that her and Brittany's PDA was frowned upon, hires the God Squad to sing to her girlfriend.  Homeschool Joe looks confused by this:

 - Irish misses home and thanks the Glee kids for making him feel welcome.  He'll miss them when he's deported.  Of course this is all a ruse to get Sugar to choose him.  He sings "Home" and I download it before he's even finished singing.  Sugar loves it too and asks him to be her date.  Poor Artie.

- The God Squad meets again and discusses homosexuality and the Bible.  Note: They've never had a problem before so I'm wondering why now?  Then Mercedes says almost the exact same thing.  Homeschool Joe is uncomfortable but not because he's anti-gay he just doesn't think he's ever met anyone gay before. 

- Mercedes dumps Sam and tells Shane that she kissed Sam.  Oh and she sings "I Will Always Love You," which, of course, is very timely this week.  That one ends up on my iPod too. 

- Dinner at the Berry's and Rachel's dads are singing "You're the Top" for the Hudson Hummels (minus a disapproving Kurt).  I'm going to avoid the obvious with that choice of song and move on to the parents' collective scheme.  They want Rachel and Finn to spend the night together in her room, no questions asked.  It's time for teen sex, y'all.  Oookay.  Rachel and Finn fight when he tries to use her bathroom after their large dinner and she freaks.  It forces a discussion about their future that they've not yet had and they're able to work through it.  The parents' thought they'd have one fight and break up or at least push back the wedding.  Instead Rachel and Finn pick a date.  Oops!

- Kurt shows up early to meet the person who's been sending him secret admirer valentines.  He thinks it has to be Blanie, I figured out 40 minutes ago that it's Karofsky.  I'm right and Kurt's really disappointed.  He lets Karofsky down gently and Blaine pops up later to sing "Love Shack" and make Kurt happy again.

- The God Squad sing a "Cherish/Cherish" mash-up to Brittany from Santana because love is love.  And the episode is dedicated to Whitney Houston.

Didja watch New Girl "Valentine's Day?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Not nearly enough of Jason Stackhouse.  Seriously.  His shirt was ON the entire time.  I call SHENANIGANS!

- Jess is single for the first Valentine's Day in six years and wants to mingle.  She wants her first one-night-stand but Schmidt thinks/knows she'll somehow screw it up.  Cece knows this too (and it's confirmed while Jess is packing a suitcase if a one-nighter happens) and they both agree to go along and help her.  Nick and Julie have plans for the night too since they're an official couple now.  And Winston is going on a first date with Shelby, the hottie he used to keep around as a booty call.

- Jess finds a guy who she has tons in common with and is total relationship material.  Schmidt and Cece shut it down.  Jess chokes on a cherry and Oliver comes to her rescue.  She actually says, "Schwing."  She and Oliver have nothing in common so he's perfect!  He even tells her, in detail, about every lunch he's had in the past week and 3 of them were tacos.  He loves tacos. 

- Nick goes to Julie's office to pick her up for their date and meets CLARK!  who's playing Cliff, Julie's intern.  Cliff says some dirrrrty things about Julie not knowing that Nick's her boyfriend and it's pretty funny.  Nick ends up spending most of the night with Cliff who keeps asking inappropriate things about Julie.

- Winston's date turns out to be a girls night in and he even ends up with a Biore strip on his nose.  He hangs in there though and ends up being pretty great with Shelby's friends.

- Jess and Oliver need a ride to his place and Schmidt ends up hanging around too long so Cece comes by to get him so he can leave his car for Jess to come home.  No one really leaves, then Oliver's ex shows and Cece's incredibly high, slightly racist boyfriend comes in too.  It's a mess.  Jess ends up getting Oliver and his ex back together and comes very close to knocking on Schmidt's door to have her one-night-stand with him. Good thing she didn't because Cece beat her to it.

Did I put enough pictures of Kwanten up here?  No?  Here's another one, just 'cause:

Didja watch Raising Hope "Jimmy's Fake Girlfriend?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- The most romantic show about love that I've seen in a very long time.  I never thought this show would get to me but it did.

- Burt wants to have a common hobby with Virginia in order to make their marriage last.  Honestly I can't even imagine them not together.  But they search and search and find nothing.

- Jimmy finds out Sabrina and Wyatt are moving in together and it totally bummed about it.  Virginia takes matters into her own hands and creates a fake girlfriend for Jimmy to make Sabrina jealous. It totally works. They find a girl (Ashley Tisdale!) at the local Improv theater.  Also, Burt and Virginia find their common habit doing improv.

 -There's a big, fake double date at a Mexican restaurant, which leaves Sabrina miserable.  Sure she's got a tiny sombrero but she's still miserable.

- Sabrina dumps Wyatt and even says to Jimmy it's too bad he has a girlfriend.  Jimmy wants to come clean with her about the big lie that got them there so he has a plan.  He writes a whole play about their story for the improv troupe to perform.  It's super sweet and Sabrina sits there with no clear emotion on her face.  The play ends, she leaves, and Jimmy runs after her.  She's there and says she hates kissing in public.  So they kiss in the parking lot where everyone in the theater comes out to join them. And sing "You Light Up My Life" by Debby Boone.  It's awesome and makes me swoon.


- They're baaaack!  And they're armed with hands-free wine glass necklaces.

- Jules wants her relationship with Grayson to have lots of surprises.  Grayson breaks it to her that Jules is way too predictable for that to be possible.  This upsets Jules.

- Stan, who now seems to be 6 years old, is a devil child.  He walks around a lot with a hammer and breaks lights in the neighborhood.  Also he really seems to get along with Lori.  This is Ellie's nightmare.  Lori assures her that Stan already has a leg up in life because he has two parents who love him. Lori had a mom with 5 dads who didn't really seem to care about her.  Stan *should* be ok.

- Travis is out of his college dorm and living with 9 guys in a house with a green screen.  Bobby and Andy love the green screen.  Also, Bobby wants Travis to take dog Travis and guilts him into it.

 - Grayson manages to orchestrate Jules's perfect proposal situation and she says, "yes."  Awww! 

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