Tuesday, February 28, 2012

HIMYM and 2BG - Didja watch?

Didja watch How I Met Your Mother "Karma?"

- Ted and Barney are commiserating at the strip club.  Ted's bummed because Robin moved out (he's turned her room into a place to smoke meats, a woodshop and finally a pottery workshop).  Barney is bummed because he felt a real connection with Quinn (Becki Newton) from a couple of episodes ago.  He sees her everywhere he goes in the city, even on the pole in the strip club.  Small world.

- Lily and Marshall have taken Robin in for a while.  Lily encourages Robin to journal because it will help her sort through things.  Cleverly Robin turns it into anthropologist's observation of life in Long Island.  After a couple of days Robin realizes that Lily and Marshall are keeping her captive because they're so lonely out in Long Island.

- Barney is thrilled to have reconnected with Quinn, aka Karma, and gets over his hesitation about dating a stripper.  She is thrilled to have someone new to bilk.  Barney pays her lots and lots of money and is totally convinced they are in a real relationship and not a stripper/customer relationship. Ted goes along with Barney to prove she's just a swindler.  Barney sees her using her same schtick with another guy and finally gets wise to her game.  They run into each other at a coffee shop and he actually charms her for real.  Awww.

- Oh and Ted totally moves out of the apartment and leaves a note for Marshall and Lily telling them to move back in.  That was quick.  This show can be so uneven.  It's taking YEARS to meet this mother character but Ted can totally move out of an apartment in like 15 minutes.  Sure.

Didja watch 2 Broke Girls "And the One-Night Stand?"
 - It's Caroline's birthday so there's one thing she and I have in common.  Han encourages Max to throw her a party but Max hates parties and actually has no idea when her own birthday is (her mom gave her a 2-week window in June).

- Caroline thinks the webmaster they hired to design their cupcake site is cute and that's something else we have in common.  Max encourages her to hook up with him and suggests Caroline let him "browse" her "yahoo."  However, Caroline isn't interested in a relationship right now and also isn't a one-night stand kind of girl.  Turns out Webmaster (he has a name but I like Webmaster better) is into her too and Sophie watches them make out.  It's creepy but kind of funny too.  Caroline does the walk of shame home the next morning and runs into Oleg who is leaving Sophie's apartment. Ooooo!

- The party for Caroline is terrible and all sorts of stuff gets spilled between everyone.  Caroline chooses this time and place to have Max get rid of him.  So she is a one-night stand kind of girl after all.  Sophie compares the party to the Donner party but bemoans that even they had food.  Heh.

- Really all Caroline wanted was to see her dad so Max gets them on the 'bang bus' to the prison.  On the way they pass a Carvel and Max says the only memories she has of birthdays is getting a Fudgie the Whale cake and this is yet another thing I have in common with this show.  At the prison they run into a one-nighter from Max's past but she doesn't remember him.  He, "Irish," remembers her and even has a tattoo of her on his abdomen.  Wow!  A riot ensues and they get kicked out before Caroline can talk to her dad.  She did get to see him for a second though so that's good enough for now.  To make it up to everyone on the 'bang bus' they stop at Carvel and get a cake.  Yay!!!

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