Monday, February 20, 2012

The Walking Dead -The Morning After

The previouslies remind us that Lori’s car flipped, Rick shot first, and Shane’s still crazy.

Lori’s car is on its side and there’s a walker trying desperately to get to her through the broken windshield.  In fact he’s so desperate that as he pushes his face through the windshield, it’s tearing his face skin away.  Ew.  Like, really ew.  She gets away from missing face skin guy and then shoots another one who has stopped to see what’s going on. 

We get our first fun camera angle of the night, which is a side view of Rick, Glenn and Hershel standing over one of the bodies in the bar.  I’m hoping this proves to Hershel that Rick does want to protect him, his people and the farm.  A car drives by so they duck outta sight and are stuck there for a bit while the group outside looks for the two dead dudes inside.  The group outside the bar are pretty darn sure there are live people inside so they shout a lot of questions until Rick can’t stand it anymore and answers back.  After he admits their people are dead (BECAUSE THEY DREW ON THEM) a lot of shooting takes place.  For most of the rest of the episode it’s the three of them trying to not only get out of the bar alive but to their car and back to the farm too.  Rick has a plan but offers Glenn as the lamb for slaughter.  Again.  Poor Glenn.  No wonder he freezes up after being shot at.  Also, there’s a sincerely gross walker buffet (them eating a human) that goes down and I kind of had to look away a little.  Ew.
The group at the house sits down for dinner and, after doing a headcount, realizes Lori is missing.  Shane blames Dale for some odd reason and then rushes off to save her.  He finds her car and the two (twice dead) walkers.  He finds Lori shortly after and convinces her (by lying) to go back to the farm because Rick has already returned.

Carol is keeping an eye on Darryl who is being a dick.  Actually he seems to be masking his depression about a dead Sophia by being a dick.  She lets him work through it, which equates to him yelling a lot and trying to push her away, etc. because she’s very used to men taking out their aggression on her. 

Lori and Shane arrive back at the house where she finds out he lied about Rick just to get her back to safety.  He spills about her being pregnant (if the car accident didn’t do something about that) and poor Carl feels a bit left out about not knowing she was preggers.  Shane gets her alone and tries to get her to admit what they had was real, blah, blah, blah but she’s not budging.  She just wants her life with Rick and that’s all.

Morning has broken on the farm and there’s still no sign of Rick, Glenn and Hershel.  Catatonic girl is still catatonic so Maggie and Andrea have a nice conversation over her.  A search party is forming to go find Rick, Glenn and Hershel but before they take off the guys return +1.  Right, I skipped over poor Randall.  Randall was with the group that was searching for the dead dudes in the bar.  He was up on a roof all sniper style shooting at Rick, Glenn and Hershel.  One of his buddies pulled up informing him that there were walkers coming so they needed to get out of there.  Randall jumps off the building on which he was perched onto a lower building.  From there he was going to make a bigger jump down but landed on a fence with nasty looking spires.  His leg went right down on a spire.  Rick, Glenn and Hershel couldn’t leave him but couldn’t remove his leg in time before the walkers were on them.  So Rick ripped his leg up over the spire and it was GROSS.  They drove him back to the farm blindfolded so he couldn’t tell anyone where it is.  The plan is to fix him as best as possible, drive him up to the interstate with a canteen and let him go.  This plan does not please the great and powerful Shane.  Andrea agrees with Shane but only because they did it.

Glenn is freaked out because he froze but neither Rick or Hershel froze.  He was thinking of Maggie and himself and this pisses him off.  I guess love is an uncomfortable thing for him.  Maggie’s pissed that Glenn’s pissed so she dumps on Hershel for leaving and drinking and so on. 

We end with Lori and Rick getting nekkid and comparing bruises in their tent.  Lori whispers sweet nothings into Rick’s ear about how dangerous Shane has become.  Also Shane loves her and believes she and the baby are his.  Plus he'd probably do just about anything for her.  Oh and he's crazy.  Lastly, if Rick loves her he’ll kill Shane.  Or something kinda similar.  There's part of me that wants the show to go where the book went 'cause it would be incredible.  Then there's part of me that's hot for Shane/Jon Bernthal and hopes that he calms the crazy a bit.


  1. I thought the last scene between Lori and Rick was a little Lady Macbeth-y. But that might just be because I am still enchanted by the Great and Powerful Shane.

  2. I would definitely miss looking at Shane.... LOL

  3. Had the same Lady Macbeth vibe!