Tuesday, February 21, 2012

HIMYM and 2 Broke Girls - Didja watch?

Didja watch How I Met Your Mother "No Pressure?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- the wrap up of the Ted/Robin stuff.  I disagree with Marshall and think this is it but the stupid writers still feel like they may have to drag it out a bit more.

- We pick up where last week left off...Ted's "I love you" to Robin is still hanging in the air.  He panics but Robin kisses him and then hurries off to Russia to cover a butter festival.

- Marshall and Lily are wakened by a call from Ted wanting to talk to Marshall alone about the Robin stuff.  Also, Barney is in bed with them and they had no idea.  Barney crashed there after the last drunk train ride from last week.  I'm almost positive they must have a guest room but I love that he crawled into bed with them.  He tunes out a conversation with Lily except for the part where she mentions a sex tape.  Barney's new mission in life is to find that tape.  Barney does find a box of long-term bets that Marshall and Lily have made about Ted, Robin and Barney.  They're pretty funny and we even get to see how a few of them went down.  The most important one is that Lily doesn't think Ted and Robin will ever be together and Marshall does.

- Ted realizes the reason he and Robin haven't worked out is because she's still in love with Barney.  Barney has moved past it and actually Robin kind of has too.  But she also just doesn't love Ted like that.  They agree that they're better off as friends.

- Barney finds the sex tape but after pressure from both Marshall and Lily decides not to watch it (Lily lost that bet).
- Marshall knows Ted will never not be in love with Robin as long as they live together so he asks her to move out because Ted couldn't/wouldn't do it himself.  I'm tired of serious HIMYM.  I want fun HIMYM.

Didja watch 2 Broke Girls "And the Kosher Cupcakes?"  If you had you woulda seen:
-Jew Tang Clan!  Caroline and Max make cupcakes for a bar mitzvah and the kid thinks he's not only a man now but a thug.  The whole part with the 13 year old and his friend trying to be all gangsta and hit on the girls was actually pretty funny.

- Also, Max gets sick (she never gets sick!) and the mother and grandmother decide to take care of her because she's obviously Jewish (she could be because she has no idea who her father is).  They even make her matzo ball soup and blow on it for her.  Awwww!

- Meanwhile, Sophie has a new boyfriend that she met on a dating site called Poles Meet Poles or something.  He is really, very gay but she loves that about him.  Sadly he dumps her...for a guy. 

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