Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Being Human "Addicted to Love"

"At the end of the day, all any of us wants is to feel good."  Aidan's got a belly full of blood and a bed full of Suren.  He feels good.  Maybe a wee bit guilty but mostly good.

Speaking of beds, Sally is in one with the cute doc from last week.  Sure she's inhabited his girlfriend, Janet's, body but she's feeling good and that's all that matters, right?  I wonder what Janet has to say about playing host to Sally's whims.  Sally leaves Janet's body and looks AWFUL.  To wit:
She's seen better days.
The wolf pack discusses the next step in Josh's research.They want to do some testing on Nora but she's not into it.  Can you blame her?  She's a doctor, she knows what medical testing looks like.

Aidan wants to get to work in Boston but Suren's feelin' good about feeding and staying in bed.  He and Josh confront Sally about her addiction to possession but she can't stop.  She doesn't want to.  I guess the sex with cute doc is just that good.  BTW, he's noticing that his girlfriend has been a bit different lately.  Oops.  Oh and now Sally can't get out of Janet.  Double oops.

We flashback to 1930 and Henry's getting it on with someone other than Suren.  He's easily distracted.  Aidan warns him about hurting Suren but Henry's having way too much fun with random chicks.  Present day Aidan is nekkid and in bed with Suren when Mother drops in to give them a piece of her mind.  Luckily she waited for them to dress and come out to find her.  The still (kind of) alive orphans are wreaking havoc and they need to stop fooling around and cull the herd already.

Sally's at the hospital and freaking out about being stuck inside Janet but pauses to comment on Josh's extreme lack of arm hair.  Heh.  The smokey creep shows up and knocks Sally right out of Janet's body but both look like they took a punch.

Nora's ex pops up at the hospital to apologize for his past misdeeds.  He's changed, he isn't a violent dude, yada, yada.  He gets introduced to Josh who then flips out that she tolerates her ex's presence.  The wolfie twins try to goad Josh into taking action and avenging Nora.  That's so not Josh's style but he succumbs and flips out on the guy.  Luckily for him Nora is there in time to stop him from killing the guy.  Wait, why was she there?

Sally's sex host, Janet, shows up at the house because she's "seen" it before.  Plus she senses something is coming for her.  Sally surmises that she may have left a part of her, her memories, etc. behind when she was so rudely forced out of Janet.  I bet she's right.  Sally visits her to try and apologize to a human who can't hear her but is distracted by Janet's creepy drawings of Reaper (creepy, smoke dude).  Janet's lost a bit of her mind and recovered a bit of Sally's in the process.  That can't be good. 

Suren gets Aidan to help her cull the orphan population and luckily for them Aidan thinks he knows where they might be.  We flashback to find Suren being pushed by her mom and cheated on by Henry who tries to explain his way out of a tryst.  Aidan dispatches with Henry but doesn't kill him.  Suren does go after the chick he was banging and thusly exposes the vampire population of Boston.  Well it's time to lock the doors and turn up the music.  There's gonna be a buffet!  This was why Suren was put to ground almost 100 years ago and she apparently didn't learn much while she was down there.

The girl wolfie twin gets Nora to admit she had been watching the ex every night.  All the while she was fighting to keep the wolf at bay, so to speak, and not kill him.  Soooo that's why she was there when Josh almost killed him.  Meanwhile there's a wolf, or two, or three stalking the ex at his place of business and I'm guessing he's not long for this world.  In fact hey rip him to shreds.  Josh wakes up all alone in the storage unit and looks around like a lost little puppy.  Nora wakes up in an incest sandwich and a large smile on her face.  Ok, not really incest but they are all naked and two of the three people are siblings.  Anywhoodle, Nora has embraced the wolf and I wonder if Josh will ever get her back after this.

Suren and Aidan find the nest but no orphans.  They split up and Aidan happens upon Henry, looking pretty spiffy.  Aidan's way happier to see him than Henry is to see Aidan.  Suren pops back in and Aidan keeps Henry a secret.  For now.

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