Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adaptation Angst: Y: The Last Man

As Film School Rejects reminds us, Y: The Last Man, the mega-genius ten-volume graphic novel from Brian K. Vaughan, has been in development hell basically since the last issue dropped. The good news about that is, now I'm fairly certain Shia LaDouche is out of the running to play Yorick, the saga's hero and (sort of) last surviving living being with a Y-chromosome on the planet after an apocalyptically mysterious plague takes out all the dudes.

Though that summary sounds like the story is all premise, no execution, I think Vaughan manages to ride his thought experiment into some fascinating and progressive territory in regards to gender (duh), but also politics, performance, and identity itself. The project needs good writers, and the latest scribes to sign on are all veterans of shows I've never seen nor really heard anything about (Jericho and Warehouse 13).

What worries me most is that it seems the project is still being imagined as a theatrically released film, rather than the HBO (or AMC, or even Syfy) miniseries its complicated and lengthy plot clearly requires. Kids, I'm concerned.

Angst Level: 9

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