Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Raising Hope, Cougar Town, New Girl and Breaking In - Didja watch?

Raising Hope “Poking Holes in the Story”

- One of Virginia’s clients needs a live-in to take care of his awful daughter while he’s away on business.  Did I mention she’s awful (the daughter not Virginia)?  ‘Cause she is.  However Virginia agrees to do it because they need quick money to replace Hope’s faulty bed and recalled toys. 

- Everyone misses Virginia, especially when it’s time to bathe Maw Maw.  She keeps thinking Jimmy is her dead husband so he goes with it because Maw Maw makes him breakfast, gives him a foot rub and all he has to do is kiss her (closed lips!). 

- Burt sneaks in to see Virginia and they find out that awful girl had a boy sneak in too.  Virginia shows her what teen sex and pregnancy can lead to.  Awful girl wants a life of her own after high school so she dumps her boyfriend.  This bums Burt out so he shows them the good stuff about being teens in love.

- Virginia gives awful girl one last talking to and adds in that if she does get knocked up and her boyfriend stays, she’ll always wonder if it’s out of guilt or because he really does love her.  Burt can’t keep his mouth shut any longer and admits he poked a hole in their condom all those years ago because he figured it was the only way he could get her to marry him.  That’s sweet.  Totally twisted and wrong but still kinda sweet.

Cougar Town (aka You know what would be cooler than this title card bit? A new title.) “Something Big”

- Greyson was a ho-bag so it’s hard for Jules to escape his exes.  She proves her point and one of them comes running.  He’s even got a lost & found bang box..

- Ellie goes surfing to get some alone time.  Really it’s just her sitting on a surfboard but it’s just as annoying when she runs into Bobby.

- Jules wants pre-marital counseling to ensure they’re heading into marriage with no baggage.  Their therapist is Nicole Sullivan!  Love her!

- Laurie misses Travis and all the doting on her he used to do.  She makes a few attempts at getting him to leave the house but to no avail.  Plus the helmet is kind of a buzzkill.

- Jules and Greyson think they’re baggage free until the ex from earlier shows up with a kid…Greyson’s kid.  Yep, that’s baggage.  The little girl’s name is TAMPA!  And Laurie’s her god-mother.  Poor thing.  Jules correctly insists on a paternity test and they plan out their Maury reactions.

- Bobby offers to teach Ellie to surf but Andy warns him that she’s un-teachable.  This proves to be true but Bobby sticks it out and she catches a wave!

- Laurie teaches Travis’s roommate to step dance (he’s pledging an African American fraternity) and turns out Travis is pretty good, but won’t leave the house.  Also, he got tired of being in love with Laurie and having no hope of a relationship.  She gets it but also misses the attention he gave her.  He gives in and dances for her, which I’m hoping also helped his roommate get into the frat.

- The paternity test comes back and…Greyson, you are the father.  Jules isn’t sure they can get through this but Ellie helps her think it through and all is well.  So Greyson is a dad!

New Girl “Fancyman Pt. 1”

(the “Pt. 1” of this episode concerns me because maybe that means the fancyman is only going to be around for 2 episodes and I want him to be around more than that.)

- Nick is trying to get a new phone but his credit score is 250, which cracks up all the employees and customers at the phone store.  Jess tries to convince him that not having a cell phone could be his thing.  Really he just gets down about rich people and their rich people life styles.

- Schmidt is a trivia god and this makes Winston feel inferior in front of his girlfriend, who was with them at the bar for trivia night. So Winston studies useless trivia and is quizzed by the kid he’s babysitting.  It’s cute but he totally blows it.  Doesn't matter though because his girlfriend likes him just the way he is.  Awww!

- Speaking of cute…Jess meets with a parent of one of her students and it’s Dermot Mulroney!  Mmmm hmmm.  He’s not thrilled with her curriculum and thinks there should be more math and less art.  The principal (Rachel Harris!) thinks Jess should apologize because he’s a rich donor.

- Jess is on a mission to give Dermot a piece of her mind when her car breaks down near his office and causes a large tie-up.  He just happens to be driving by and very generously offers his car to her and then even invites her to a cook-out at his house.  Handsome, wealthy AND generous?!?!  There’s got to be something wrong with him, right?  I mean guys like that don’t exist without being a puppy slaughterer in their spare time.  Right?

- Cece correctly tells Jess she’s just intimidated by a man who has his life together and doesn’t need her to take care of him.  Jess brings Nick to the party but he’s no help because he gets sucked in by the beautiful house.  Dermot (who has a character name but may not be around long enough to need it) actually gives Nick his phone and the sweater Nick’s wearing without permission.  Nick promptly falls in love with him and thinks Jess should give him a chance.  She does and accepts his dinner invitation and then falls into a fountain.  Oh and this was after being attacked by his Japanese toilet (she had it up to 6 happy faces!)

Breaking In “The Blind Sided”

- The gang at Contra have a job catching a hacker who turned the lights on a building into a videogame. Cool.

- Cam’s crush on Mel is going nowhere, no matter how hard Cash tries to get them together through suggestions of epic gestures.  In fact Mel shoots him down point blank and tells him to give up.  Of course the two of them get stuck on a stakeout in front of the hacker’s house.

- Speaking of the hacker, he turns out to be a 14 year old kid (that kid from Role Models…you know him) who brings them Pop Tarts in the morning. 

- Veronica puts her foot down and won’t let Oz bust the kid.  She talks to his mom (holy crap, isthat Jaleesa?!?! I feel old) who let’s Veronica have her “Blind Side” moment with him.  Wow, that’s kinda racist.  She even brings the kid to Contra as an intern.  He proceeds to steal stuff and hack corporate.  Oops.  Luckily Oz threatens him into returning the stolen stuff and letting Veronica get her Blind Side moment. 

- Oz tries to explain to Cam about Mel and emotions and Mel’s fear of emotions and Cam gets it. He even tries to let Mel off the hook but apparently that works for her in a way that paying attention to her doesn't. She finally kisses Cam and they do it.  In a car.  And then she leaves!  Poor Cam.

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