Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Raising Hope, Cougar Town, New Girl, and Breaking In - Didja watch?

Didja watch Raising Hope "Spanks But No Spanks?"

- Little Hope is testing her boundaries but no one wants to reprimand her because they want her to still like them.  She's killed, er, slaughtered a couple of Virginia's pig figurines and drew on the walls so Virginia suggests spanking him.  It worked with Jimmy when he was about her age.

- Also there's a raccoon under the house and it's Virginia's job to get it out.  She tries going with a stuffed animal raccoon sprayed with Jennifer Aniston's perfume.  This is followed by jokes about Jen's ability to hold onto a man.  Sabrina wants to give singing to it a shot.  Yeah that'll work.  It doesn't and Sabrina manages to lull it to sleep.

- Jimmy refuses to yell or spank her and is shocked that they spanked him. Don't get me started on today's parents and it's at this point that I have to remind myself it's just a TV show.  Turns out Burt never did spank Jimmy when he was little and he and Virginia decide it's never too late to parent Jimmy.  They start spanking him for all his bad habits and when Hope sees this she starts behaving.  Because it's a TV show.

Didja watch Cougar Town (aka No, it's not just Scrubs in Florida with a lot of wine)  "A One Story Town?

- Jules comes down in the morning to a cup of coffee and a heart "Good Morning" from Ted and his barbershop quartet (if you're a fan of Scrubs you'll know to whom I am referring).  Travis invited them to visit while they're on their way to a singing competition.  They're going to stay a whole week!  Jules is not thrilled about this.

- Things aren't going so well with Travis's professor and Bobby.  He gets super nervous on dates and Jules thinks if he can get to the first kiss it will be smooth sailing after.  Naturally she offers her services along with the rest of the gang.  She comes up with a perfect date where Bobby won't have to talk much.  It goes so very wrong in so very many ways.  Oh and there are a ton of tourists from Quebec in town for a crab fest and they ruin things too.  Most of them have tee-shirts that say, "I Got Crabs in Gulfhaven" and I want one now.

- Jules fixes everything and even gets Ted and the quartet to sing "Kiss the Girl."  It's all very sweet and Bobby gets his kiss.

- The funniest bit was at the end where Ted is freaking out because there are a ton of people in Gulfhaven that look like people from his last job.  Even Dr. Kelso, er, Jules's dad pops up!

Didja watch New Girl "Control?"

- Cece drops Schmidt off after a booty call and it's really far from the apartment.  Schmidt realizes he's got absolutely no control in this relationship.  It's a good thing he's got full control at home.  Speaking of...Jess found a hutch out on the street and has brought it into the apartment, much to Schmidt's dismay.  The guys warn her not to mess with Schmidt because if she does she'll be messing with the fragile ecosystem of the apartment.  Of course she doesn't listen.

 - In the more inconsequential storyline, Nick and Winston had a poker night and Nick owes Winston over $400.  There's proof written on his stomach and things that aren't torpedoes drawn on his back.  Nick and Winston get into a back and forth over who owes who how much money and it escalates into a slap fight in the grocery store.

- Jess decides to take Schmidt down to Venice Beach to see how he does amongst those with no rules.  It's not great at first and she tells him that he just needs to be a bit more spontaneous.  It works and Schmidt even joins a drum circle with a bunch of dirty hippies but it indeed messes with their ecosystem.  They have an intervention with him and it's only when Nick offers to let Schmidt clean his room, the "white whale," that he goes back the the Schmidt they know and love.

 Didja watch Breaking In "Who's the Boss?"

- Molly, Veronica's assistant, brings in cupcakes to win over the some of the folks in the office and Mel is a little jealous.  It's around this time that Veronica and Molly, who is elected to be bad cop, break it to the Contra folks that they need to bring in new clients.  More specifically they need to bring in paying clients.  Oz has a pro-bono job protecting a diamond bra that will be on display at a Maxim party the next night.  Instead Veronica wants them to take a paying job for an Indian casino.

- They dupe Molly into spending the night pouring over hours of video from the casino so they can go to the Maxim party.  There are tons of Ghostbusters references, which make me giggle.  Oh and there's a potential billionaire client at the party named Abe Froman!  However he's not the sausage king of Chicago.  Veronica figures out they dumped their work on Molly and gets on stage in the bra to prove who's really boss.  It almost blows the potential deal with Abe Froman but in the end it all works out.

- Cam apologizes to Molly for using her.  He even gives Molly her first fist bump.  Awww!  Now Mel's REALLY jealous! 

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