Monday, March 5, 2012

The Walking Dead - The Day After

“Judge, Jury, Executioner”

We get the previouslies, which amount to things sucked and they got stuck with Randall.  Again.

Now…Darryl is letting loose on Randall.  He’s getting info from him through the effective use of violence.  Randall spills that his group was big, like 30 people big and had women and children and rapists.  Nice.  Randall isn’t proving that he and his old group aren’t a threat.  So Rick decides to “eliminate the threat” but Dale takes issue because Randall is just a kid.  Dale even goes so far as to ask Rick to consider the example he’s setting for young, impressionable Carl.  There’s still a bit of time until Randall’s execution so Dale asks Andrea to guard Randall so a trigger happy Shane doesn’t get to him before his time.  The two of them discuss humanity, civility, etc. and she agrees to watch him but wants Dale to know it’s not because she agrees with him.  Noted.

There are a few cool POV shots from Randall inside the barn and how he sees the folks outside the barn.  I bet that barn smells lovely too.  Shane and Andrea talk just outside the barn (close enough for Randall to hear) and Shane is convinced the others will pussy out when it comes time to ‘take care of’ Randall.  Uh, has he met Darryl?  Also, sounds like Shane is looking for a hostile take-over kind of situation.  I don’t think Andrea is totally on board with this idea. Carl, bored from collecting bullet shells, visits Randall in the barn but Randall does most of the talking (really pleading).  Shane interrupts his pleas, threatens Randall and then Carl.  Oddly, Shane can barely look at Carl while talking to him.  I guess he’s trying to distance himself.

Dale, on his Randall-saving mission, tracks down Darryl who has removed himself from the group and is camping off by himself.  Dale pleads Randall’s case but Darryl isn’t sticking his neck out because "the group is broken."  Too true, Darryl.   

Carl is at Sophia’s grave.  He’s a little angry and rants at Carol who was just trying to make him (and herself) feel better about Sophia’s death.  Carol, propagating the chain of screaming, yells at Lori and Rick for the behavior of young Carl.  Rick chastises Carl and reminds him to think before he talks and consider what the other person might be feeling.  Also Carl needs to apologize and fix his mistake.  Carl queries if Rick killing Randall is his way of fixing a mistake.  Yes, young Carl.  Your father believes this to be true.

Dale, still on his Randall-saving mission, gives Hershel a shot but he's preoccupied with rounding up the cattle that got loose.  Hershel is going to “leave it with Rick” and repeats these words more than once.  Dale even tries reminding Hershel that he’s a moral man, etc. but Hershel’s not interested in getting involved and, say it with me now, is going to “leave it with Rick.”

Carl finds a motorcycle!  Guess what?!?! There’s a gun in the saddlebag on the motorcycle!  Yay!  Now Carl is armed.  So what does a youngin’ with a gun do with his free time?  Well he’d wander into the woods. Alone. And unsupervised.  Uh, don’t his parents care where he is?  Carl finds a walker and runs at first but thankfully it’s stuck in the mud.  So he decides the best course of action is to throw rocks at it.  C’mon, Carl!  They almost get me to feel kinda bad for the walker.

Dale’s save Randall mission lands on Shane, which is a conversation neither of them really wanted to have.  Dale’s convinced that taking Randall’s life is going to change the group forever.  Shane throws him a bone and says he can plead his case for the rest of the group. 

Completely off the subject and reminding us that relationships still exist, Hershel and Glenn have a very nice talk.  Hershel asks Glenn about his family (from Michigan but originally Korean) and then shares about his own (Irish).  He even gives Glenn a family watch that was brought here from the old country.  Awwww!  Hershel approves of Glenn and Maggie!  Yay!

So it’s just about time for Randall’s Reckoning and Rick is convinced he has to be the one to do it.  He saved Randall, he insisted on bringing him back to the farm, he didn’t leave him behind at the school, etc. so it’s his responsibility.  He’s talking to Lori about all this and I’m wondering if they even care where their son is.  Speaking of…Carl is studying the mud walker who manages to get one leg loose and comes close to grabbing Carl but doesn't keep hold of him.   
The group decides to have a vote on what to do with Randall but before the vote people are allowed to speak their minds.  Dale has many valid points and I wonder if that means I’m a bleeding heart?  Andrea actually agrees with him and feels like there’s got to be an option besides killing him or risking their lives to drive him oh so far away.  No one else agrees so it’s the gallows for Randall!  Oh his way out of the living room Dale confirms to Darryl that he’s right about the group being broken.  This strikes a chord with Rick who contemplates this news.

Rick, Dale and Shane lead Randall to the barn (where was he before this?), blindfold him, put him on his knees and ask for his final words (or final pleads being more accurate).  Just as Rick is pointing his gun at Randall’s head Carl enters the barn and urges his father to kill him.  Yipes!  Rick can’t pull the trigger knowing his son will forever be changed and holsters his gun.  Yeah, Shane won’t use this against him in their next pissing contest.

*Now is the time to put aside logic and just accept these things to be as they are…perplexing*

Dale’s inexplicably wandering around at night and hears some funky noises near the woods.  WHO GOES TO INVESTIGATE STRANGE NOISES AT NIGHT IN THE DARK NEAR WOODS?  Has Dale never seen a scary movie?  So Dumb-Dumb Dale finds one of Hershel’s missing cows and oh, look! the cow's stomach contents are dumped onto the ground.  Hershel turns to run and a very stealthy walker is right behind him.  Oh and it’s the previously chatty walker that Carl found in the mud.  Apparently he got his other leg loose and made his way to the farm.  The walker is on Dale in a millisecond and the group hears the scuffle and comes running.  It’s too late though because apparently this was the Freddy Krueger of walkers because it tears open Dale’s gut.  Ew.  There’s no hope for poor Dale so they’re just going to have to put him out of his misery.  He’s in an obvious amount of pain and Rick can’t seem to pull the trigger.  Again.  So Darryl does it.  Meanwhile Carl has recognized the mud walker from earlier in the day. That’s right, kid.  This was all your fault.  Ok, not really but I can see how he’d jump to that.  

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