Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Being Human “I’ve Got You Under Your Skin”


I’m gonna start with Sally because no one else seems to care.  Ok, Aidan kinda does but he’s busy with all his vamp politics.  She’s stressing out and the Reaper drops by to give her an alternative to being reaped…become a reaper herself.  Huh.  She catches Aidan up on her situation but he’s doubtful.  In fact he’s doubtful that there is even something like a reaper roaming around.  A vampire is suspicious of something supernatural.  Ok.  Neither of them is sure Sally could handle the job so Aidan suggests she take out the Reaper to test her mettle.  In order to know how to properly shred a ghost Sally goes to Stevie who has had experience with ghost shredding (if you remember he took out the one that was forcing himself on Sally).  Stevie warns her that shredding makes a ghost dark and she shouldn’t go there.  Back at the house the Reaper drops in again and Sally gives the shredding thing the old college try.  It works and then doesn’t and Reaper isn’t fazed but instead is impressed she tried it.  So she decides that maybe this reaping thing is a good career choice after all.  Too bad Reaper wants Stevie to be her first job.  Turns out Stevie’s been shredding all over town.  Sally is convinced she can just talk to him but Reaper has a job to do so he takes Stevie out.  Awwww.

Josh’s sister, Emily, is in town to help cheer him up post-Nora break up.  YAY!! We love Emily and plus she’s required to love him so she’s a good person to have around.  Josh shows up early for drink with Emily but her first date of the night, Julia (Josh’s ex) hasn’t left yet.  All three decide to drink together and things mostly go well (until they have to leave because Emily licked some girl whose boyfriend didn’t find the move adorable).  Josh and Julia even get to put a very drunk Emily to bed just like they did after Emily’s prom.  Awww.  Josh and Julia kind of click again and she admits that she returned to Boston in hopes of seeing him again.  Things seem positive until she brings up his leaving her all those years ago.  He admits to her that the attack on him changed him (way to beat around the bush, Josh) and then kind of flips out on her while explaining his anger issues.  I think she gets it now.

Oh, Aidan.  He and Suren are at a murder scene that was obviously done by an orphan (I guess exsanguination equals orphan).  They need to get to culling these orphans because Mother will be coming back to town to see how things are going.  Aidan goes looking for Henry, who has been fostering the orphans, to warn him about what’s coming.  If Henry sticks to Aidan’s plan, which consists of herding the orphans off to Baltimore where there are no vamp politics, they’ll be fine.  If they stay in Boston they’ll be killed for sure.  Meanwhile Suren by way of a human is buying the house they’re all standing in and is about ready to rescind their invitation in the house.  Aidan hurriedly gets himself and Henry out of there and locks the orphans in to burn.  Henry wants to stay in Boston and I hope that means I get to see more of him for a while.  For him to stay he’ll have to face Suren and make amends for what happened in the past (his sleeping around causing her to get all hungry on the human population).  Suren’s suggestion of flaying him like her Mongol ancestors practiced is gross and painful sounding but he agrees to it.  Ew.  Finally at the end of the episode Aidan tries to talk to Sally but she’s too depressed about Stevie and her possible new job of reaping.  She disappears and he’s left to process his own crappy life.

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  1. Two things: I'm into the Reaper, and did I see Jay Baruchel in the preview for next week? Jay! Baruchel!