Friday, March 2, 2012

Didja watch 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation?

Didja watch 30 Rock "Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whiskey?"

- Frank's mom shows up and is under the mistaken impression that Liz is Frank's true love.  Apparently she knows nothing about Frank's actual girlfriend, Lynn (played by Susan Sarandon), his former teacher.

 - Jack puts Kenneth in the standards department, which could be an interesting fit.  Jack's convinced Kenneth has a nemesis there and decides to coach him on how to take down one's nemesis.  Jack's nemesis in the 1980s was Stanley Tucci!

- Liz actually enjoys being taken care of by Frank's mom and Frank ends up dumping Lynn because his mother would never understand.  Liz gets them back together and all is well.

- Meanwhile, Jenna and Tracy are on the case of Pete's missing booze.  Jenna is totally able to figure this out because she played a lady detective on a failed pilot once.  Against all odds they actually do figure out who took the booze and are able to spare Pete's feelings in the process.  Huh.  I didn't see that coming.

Didja watch Parks and Recreation "Campaign Shake-up?"

- Leslie's numbers are catching up to Bobby Newport's numbers and it's all thanks to campaign manager Ben.  They're aiming to get the 'gray vote' meaning the senior citizens of Pawnee. In order to do that they have to woo Carl Reiner.  Not the actual Carl Reiner but the character he's playing on the show.

- Because of Leslie's increase in poll numbers Bobby Newport has hired a big-shot, DC campaign manager and it's Kathryn Hahn!  She and the character, Jennifer Barkley, are great and I am really looking forward to the rest of the season.  You can't help but love and hate her.  Plus I love that she can't stand the candidate she's helping but is professional enough to do her job.

- Back at the Parks Department, the team needs to complete one project or Chris will hire a Deputy Director to do Leslie's job while she's campaigning.  Ron doesn't want either but settles on a project...getting Pawnee residents to stop putting their whole mouth on the spout of a drinking fountain.  Ew.  They end up getting into a water balloon fight instead of finding a solution but thankfully April is there and is smart.  She realizes the simplest solution is the best one, just remove the spout.  It works and she gets promoted.

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