Thursday, March 22, 2012

Survivor: One World "Thanks for the Souvenir"


Alicia - Gloats about how funny tribal council was (blind-siding Monica).  I really dislike this woman.
Colton - Adds insult to injury by telling Christina that she's on the chopping block and will be gone soon too.

Kat - Had a dream that Alicia killed her.  Omen? 
Troy - He's feeling quite confident about Salani's abilities in the upcoming reward and immunity challenges. 

Speaking of the reward challenge, each person races up a platform and has to bounce a coconut onto a trampoline and hit a target.  The first tribe to hit all the targets gets an afternoon of ice cream party goodness.  The best part of this is Jeff hurling insults (mostly at Alicia) at how bad they are at this.  I bet Monica would have been good.  Idiots.  Salani wins.  Shocker.

Christina - She fusses with Alicia and then POVs to the camera that she's ready for a fight and basically wants to show everyone how awful Alicia is.  Good for her.  It won't work but yeah, give it a shot.  She makes an effort to get Jonas and Leif on her side by pitching it as a numbers thing.  Alicia hears the whole thing and then gets super bitchy about it for no reason.
Jonas - He's no real help but he does find Colton and Alicia's personal attacks on people "interesting." Dude, grow a pair.
Leif - sleeps in a box.  Sure, it's a large box but it's still a box.  Cozy:

Colton - He's in pain and apparently feels so icky that he receives comfort from Christina.  He has pain and Tarzan the doctor thinks he could use a coconut water enema.  Ew.  The Survivor medics, escorted by Jeff, declare that Colton quite possibly has appendicitis and must be removed from the game.  He's pretty bummed about having to leave and declares: "I wish I could have done more." My mom replies, "Damage?"  Heh.  Also, instead of granting his partner-in-crime, Alicia, with the immunity necklace (THAT WAS GIVEN TO HIM), he keeps it as a souvenir.  Ha!  I love a vulnerable Alicia.

Both tribes get a note saying to report to tribal council that night.  Jeff tells them about Colton's status and poor, dumb Kat have never heard of an appendix and is now suddenly concerned that she needs to protect hers.  There's no immunity this week but there is a merge!  We're back to 6 guys and 6 girls.  The producers sure are changing things up a lot. 

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