Monday, March 26, 2012

Mad Men "A Little Kiss"

I found myself terribly excited to catch up with the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce folks last night.  I've missed them and I haven't had the wait most fans have (since I caught up with all 4 seasons on McStreaming).  It's been off of TV for something like 18 months.  That's a really long time for a show to be off the air.

They provide us with some previouslies, which amount to Joan being pregnant with Roger's baby while her hubby is off at war.  Don's divorced and engaged.  Pete is married to awesome Trudy who tends to henpeck him a bit.  Lane is lonely.  Betty's not happy but then that's an impossibility.  And we're off!

There are some African American protestors on a picket line outside the building.  Some yahoo jerks drop bags of water on them, which they find hilarious.  Turns out they're Y&R ad men and this pleases the folks at SCDP.  Roger, never one to miss a juvenile prank himself even takes out an ad in the paper claiming their company to be an equal opportunity employer.

Hi Sally!  Good morning, my favorite person on the show.  You seem to be all settled in Dad's new place along with your brothers. Speaking of, that little brother of yours is, what, like 16 months old?  You'll have to forgive me.  I'm trying to put a length of time on this.  Hilariously Don drops the kids off and they're riding up front with him and his arm is as close to a seat belt as they're gonna get.  Nice.

Pete!  Still a weasel.  He's taking the train to work these days.  One of his train buddies shares tips on avoiding the "emotional" little woman at home.  How about the emotional little women that is Pete?  He's all pissy about Roger's lack work at SCDP and goes over the edge a bit when Roger shows up at a meeting with Mohawk airlines.  Pete calls a partners' meeting and declares that he wants the silver fox's office.  They come very close to patting little Pete on the head.  Roger gives in and forces Harry out of his office and into Pete's.  Maybe Harry will walk face first into that dumb column just like Pete did.

Don's wife, yep...wife, Megan, has graduated from secretary but apparently she's designing coupons or something.  She wants to throw Don a surprise birthday party for the big 4-0.  Meanwhile Don's lightened up a bit and is being kind of nice and patient.  Peggy doesn't like it.

Speaking of Peggy...she's pitching to Heinz for a bean campaign.  She wants to use this fancy new camera to choreograph a bean ballet.  Sadly the Heinz guys don't get it and Don doesn't really back her.  They want beans to be cool again.  Cool like hippie protestors and college kids.

Party time!  Most of the office is there except for Joan who is at home with baby Kevin and her mom.  Roger and Jane ruin Don's surprise part of the party.  Peggy is still with the hottie beatnik who freaks out a guy headed off to war.  Peggy gets snippy with Don about having to work over the weekend and Don just looks at her.  Megan's gift to Don is a song.  Something French and annoying about Zoobie Zoobie Zoo*.  She's a hit to the entire party.

 Roger to Jane: Why don't you sing like that?
Jane: Why don't you look like him?

That ad SCDP placed gets Joan's mom in a tizzy and she mistakes it as an ad to replace Joan.  Apparently her mom doesn't watch the show because it's impossible to replace the figurehead of a ship.  Picture it, I'll give you a second.  Joan heads in to work with baby Kevin in tow and Lane reassures her that they're barely scraping by without her. 

Speaking of Lane, my favorite sexy-ugly Brit, he's still kinda lonely but finds a wallet in a cab.  Instead of trusting the cabbie to return it he takes the matters, and the photo inside, into his own hands.  He has a very flirty phone conversation with the wallet owner's girlfriend, the lady in the picture and even tries to get her to come down to SCDP to meet him.  The wallet owner shows instead and Lane is bummed.  Poor Lane.

Megan is sore about Don not appreciating the party she threw him but he's never been big on parties or attention.  She proceeds to clean the apartment in her undergarments and yells at Don while doing so.  This turns them both on.  I think Don really loves her, by the way.  I'm with Peggy, it's strange.

A number of African American applicants are patiently waiting in the lobby for an interview.  I guess they thought it was a job ad too.  Thanks to the Y&R stunt they collect resumes and will be hiring an African American secretary.  The times they are a changin.'

Wow, I really missed this show!

*UPDATE: Zou Bisou Bisou.  Geeze, you'd never know I took French in high school and college.  I should really look these things up.

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