Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Being Human - The Day After

“Dream Reaper”

If you remember from last week, Sally was shredding ghosts left and right and blaming her friend the Reaper for it.  The guys managed to trap her on the stairs with their clever salty jail.  Currently Sally is still catatonic on the stairs and imagining a pleasant life with her boyfriend,  “Scott” the Reaper.  It’s worth noting that in Happy Sally Dreamland (HSD) she wears lots of purple.  At least she gets to be in different outfits than the leggings sweater combo she’s usually stuck in.

To make things a bit more interesting, it’s the full moon (didn’t we just have one of those?) and Josh is a bit testy.  Oh and Aidan hasn’t fed in over 24 hours.  This will be fun!  So yeah, go find Zoe to help.  I’m sure this will go well.

In HSD, Sally is on her laptop and keeps getting IMs from someone named Aidan who is trying to tell her they want her back, and he’s there with her, and so on.  This creeps her out and forces “Scott” the Reaper to take notice of their efforts.  Also the house is shaking and this is when I wonder if the neighbors ever notice how only one house on the street experiences earthquakes.  It’s at this point that Reaper seals them inside.  Too bad there are only 4 hours until the moon comes up!

Zoe does think there’s something she can try to get to Sally, an old school mind-meld!  Aidan only seems to care about the blood flowing through Zoe’s veins and less about the fact that her subconscious could get stuck in Sally’s subconscious.  Before they can get to it Reaper gives them a talking to through Sally.  It’s pretty goofy to watch but he does know an awful lot about them.  And he uses their continual ignoring of Sally against them. This is when Zoe gets the news about Sally shredding Nick and no one is surprised when she doesn’t want to rescue Sally.  Of course this forces Aidan and Josh to reveal their true monster selves to her and the fact that she’s in mortal danger if they can’t get out.

Back in HSD, “Scott” the Reaper is getting her to leave the house and throws a big party.  Zoe gets in and tries to get Sally to understand this isn’t reality.  Aidan is super hungry and Josh wants to lock himself in the fridge so he doesn’t notice when Aidan starts feasting on Zoe’s arm.  Zoe notices though and tries harder for Sally to understand.  Josh gets Aidan off Zoe’s arm and gives him a good talking to about all that’s been happening since Aidan’s started feeding off of live humans again (like killing those two girls last week).  Aidan crumbles and knows he’s been terrible but doesn’t know what to do about it.  Josh offers himself up but Aidan refuses at first and then has trouble feeding off him because he tastes funny.  Quickly Aidan gets a little high from Josh’s blood but then starts choking violently. 

Sally starts remembering and Reaper tries his best to convince her to stay with him in HSD.  Thankfully she chooses to go back and the only way to do it is to go back down the stairs in the same fateful manner she went down them the last time.

She wakes and gets rid of Josh who then releases her from her salty jail.  Aidan’s still a mess but actually stops to talk to Sally for a minute before excusing himself to go to bed.  Sally thanks Zoe but she’s still REALLY pissed about Sally shredding Nick and has no interest in ever forgiving her. 

At the end dear Sally is alone again.  Naturally.  Wait!  Nope, Reaper is there with her.  Sally wants him gone but he’s a part of her now and isn’t going anywhere.  He’s quite happy to wait for her to slip again.  Poor Sally.

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