Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls - Didja watch?

Didja watch HIMYM “The Broath?”

- Barney’s been missing for a couple of weeks but pops back up to tell Ted a secret.  Before Ted can know the secret he has to take The Bro Oath, or The Broath.  They wear robes and there are monks chanting in the background.  It’s serious.  Barney doesn’t want Ted to tell the others what Quinn does for a living. Too bad Ted can’t keep a secret.

-The group doesn’t know if they can trust Quinn because she’s controlling and obviously is using him for his money.  However she is moving out of her apartment and in with Barney so Robin and Ted are all over that.  Robin’s been staying with her co-worker, Patrice and Ted’s been living in university housing.  He has even found replicas of him, Lily and Marshall.

- They figure it’s intervention time, er Quinntervention time, because they’re only looking out for his best quinnterests.  Barney schools Ted on the history of broken broaths dating way back to guys in togas.  Quinn is pretty pissed that Barney was ashamed of what she does and the gang feels guilty.  Robin admits to Ted that she’s possibly losing her job because she’s been so distracted at work lately because she’s lost her best friend, blah, blah.  I just don’t care about these two anymore!!!  She says some crap about going back to being normal friends but he can’t or something.

- They go to apologize to Barney and he makes them take an oath and kiss each other (girl/girl and guy/guy) to make it up to him.  Quinn’s there and it turns out she and Barney planned the whole thing. 

- Instead of getting fired Robin gets a promotion and finds a place on the westside.  Ted gets Quinn’s place and he and Robin try to do normal, or their version of but apparently it doesn’t last because he doesn’t see her for a while. 

- Also, hypothetically, Quinn would stop stripping if she got married.  So marinate on that, Barney.

Didja watch 2 Broke Girls “And the Spring Break?”

 - The girls have a new website but no orders are coming in so Caroline is pretty bummed.  Also, it’s 3am and Oleg has dropped by to borrow sensual oils for sexy time with Sophie.  Ew.

- The gay couple from the baking class episode (who are also their only past customer) are back and not only think Han is gay but also have a “rice queen” to set him up with.  Max assures Caroline this is a step up from the people who think Han is a lesbian.  Ha.  The guys hire Caroline to dog-sit for her and she’s thrilled to do it because it’ll be like a mini-vacation.  She insists Max come with her and make it into a spring break. 

- Caroline finds an invitation to a foodie party in honor of a new bacon cookbook so the girls go and Max gets chummy with the cookbook author (he's hot and has tattoos).  Caroline hits the after-parties without Max and meets a Greek shipping magnate.  She tries to convince Max to come with them to Tahiti (or somewhere; I can’t remember) but instead they stay home and bake cupcakes for a bitchy food blogger.  The cupcakes are a hit so they made the right decision.

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