Friday, March 16, 2012

COMMUNITY! and 30 Rock - Didja watch?

Didja watch Community “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts?”
 - Pierce has changed his look and is investing in business ventures.  Brita, always with the ideas, thinks he should invest in Shirley’s sandwich shop in the lunch room idea.  Before they can see that idea through, Shirley’s boyfriend/ex-husband, Andre, shows up and proposes. 

- Brita is anti-weddings and so is Jeff but they put on happy faces for Shirley who even asks Jeff to give a toast.  Annie offers to help plan as do Troy and Abed but the only think Shirley wants from the latter is for them to be normal.  Challenge accepted!

- There’s no time to think about the sandwich shop so Brita offers to plan the wedding for her which sends Shirley into a literal 2-minute fit of laughter.  Turns out Brita has a real knack for flower arranging which disgusts her because there are people dying in Uganda.

- Jeff is stumped on what to say for the toast and Annie thinks he should just say what’s in his heart.  We then get a peek into Jeff’s heart and in there are things like really good poker hands, sports cars, cleavage, scotch, and Annie!

- Shirley and Pierce pitch the sandwich shop idea to the Dean and he’s totally on board with it.  Too bad she forgets about her wedding rehearsal.  Speaking of, Brita has made the lunch room look magical and this pisses her off even more.  Troy and Abed have de-whimsified themselves and it’s pretty creepy. 

- Shirley finally shows but Andre’s pissed because he wants to go back to the way things were with her at home and him working.  They fight, Jeff is toasted but gives his toast, er, rant and then Brita joins in on the ranting.  Their ranting gets Shirley and Andre to make up and they get married right then and there.  Awwww!

- And Troy and Abed?  They can’t stay normal.  It’s just not who they are.  Plus it’s not what Inspector Spacetime would want.

30 Rock “St. Patrick’s Day”
- Jenna and Tracy are hosting the parade for NBC.  Page Hazel will be taking good care of them even though Kenneth can’t seem to let go.  I’m sure that’ll go just fine.  Jenna and Tracy fight over who’s more famous and ruin the parade telecast.  Hazel really screwed things up so it’s good that Kenneth was there to fix it.
- Liz is going to avoid St. Patrick’s Day and all things Irish as best she can.  Jack thinks she needs to learn a lesson so he says something in Gaelic, which she assumes is a curse. Liz’s ex-boyfriend, Dennis the Beeper King, shows up with a headwound and Criss is too nice to turn him away.  Of course Liz blames Jack’s curse.  Also, Liz is unable to say “I love you” to Criss so he leaves and she’s stuck with Dennis.  He calls Liz on her BS and helps her realize she’s actually pretty Irish herself.  He leaves with his new wife, Megan (because all Irish chicks are named Megan) and Liz finds Criss to apologize and tell her she loves him.  Awww!

- Oh and Jack is king of a big, nerdy game the writers are playing.

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