Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raising Hope, Cougar Town, New Girl and Breaking In - Didja watch?

Glee is what it is and I’ll always watch it but I’m liking my new Tuesday night line-up:

Didja watch Raising Hope “Single White Female”
- Sabrina wants to occupy Natesville and actually gets a pretty good crowd to join in.  Jimmy even brings Maw Maw along who proceeds to burn her bra and cause some mild but local tv news-worthy hysteria.  My favorite protest sign says “I’m so angry I made a sign.”  Heh.
- When the fuzz shows up everyone bails except for Sabrina who is determined to get arrested for her cause.  To make sure the arrest sticks she kicks a cop in his, uh, family jewels.
- While cleaning up with her maid service team, Virginia finds out from co-worker Rosa that the Mexican park (they distinguish these things in Natesville?) doesn’t have any playground equipment for the kids.  That sucks.  I wonder why they don’t play in the park that does.
- While in jail Sabrina runs into an old scouting friend of hers named Ricki who is now a corrections officer.  Too bad Sabrina doesn’t remember Ricki or anything about their scounting days when they were members of the Little Beavers scout troop.  Yep, little beavers.  Oh and Ricki is played by an uglied up Katy Perry who hams it up but isn’t horrible.  Ricki is pissed that Sabrina tossed her aside to be popular and decides to make Sabrina’s jail time miserable.  Ricki makes her sing their scouting songs (lots of beaver jokes) and makes her put on her old uniform and sell cookies to the male inmates.  Oh boy.
- Meanwhile, Virginia gets the mayor out of trouble so the mayor owes her three wishes (a stop sign in front of their house so they can sit outside and meet people and playground equipment for Rosa’s park.  Rosa’s park.  Heh.  Before they can use wish three to get Sabrina out of jail, Jimmy rebuffs the mayor’s advances and she takes back all their wishes.  Virginia helps her out again and they get their stuff back and Sabrina gets out of jail.  Yay!

Didja watch Cougar Town (aka Your name isn’t that great either) “Full Moon Fever”
(I never did last week’s recap.  What you need to know is Travis got into an accident, had some head trauma and now has to wear a dorky helmet around.)
- There are “bicycle boys” using the neighborhood as a shortcut to the new mall and it’s pissing off the cul-de-sac crew.
- Travis is still wearing his helmet, which makes his photography assignment of taking pictures of strangers all the more difficult.  So he cheats and takes pictures of Bobby on his boat pretending to be a fisherman. 
- Tom’s decorative water fountain annoys everyone so Jules steals it and blames the bicycle boys.  She’s so crafty.
- Laurie is having a cyber-relationship with an unknown guy.  She sends nekkid pics of herself and Ellie gets on her case about it.  Laurie even sends him her social security number knowing absolutely NOTHING about this guy.
- Travis’s professor is Sarah Chalke and she’s got the hots for Bobby.  This wouldn’t be an issue except that Bobby has the hots for her too.  If Travis introduces them then she’ll know he cheated.  What’s a boy to do?
- Jules and Andy compete over who is the King of the cul-de-sac and since Andy doesn’t have much in life Jules lets him try his idea for getting rid of the “bicycle boys.”  He’s gets to be the cul-de-sac Braveheart and lead them all in a stand-off against the bicycle boys and it totally works.  Plus they’re not liable when one of the boys breaks his finger.  YAY! In honor of their win, Jules returns Tom’s water fountain but has turned it into a wine fountain (natch).
- Travis realizes his dad’s happiness is more important than his grade so he introduces Bobby to Professor Sarah Chalke (her character’s name is the same name as someone I know but I can’t find the official spelling anywhere online). 

Didja watch New Girl “Injured”
- The gang is playing football and Schmidt is wearing very tight work-out pants.  Bad, Schmidt!  Jess gets a little too into it and tackles Nick.  She tackles him real good and he gets hurt pretty badly.  Nick’s got no insurance and no doctor so Jess takes him to see her friend Sadie, the gynecologist.  Heh.
- Meanwhile Winston’s SUV is on its last legs but he can’t give it up because he’s got too many memories.
- At the OBGYN’s office, Sadie notices an oddness with Nick’s thyroid and insists that he get an ultrasound.  He’s got every excuse in the book as to why he doesn’t want or need one though.  Jess, Schmidt and Winston are all freaked out that Nick is going to die so they hover over him at the bar.  Cece even joins in.  There's even some singing and Cece raps.  She's good too, which sucks because she's also hot and funny.  Not fair.  Anywhoodle, Nick insults Jess by telling her she can't be real so so shows him real and insults him.

- They take Nick to the ocean and make him jump in.  Everyone falls asleep on the beach (Winston in his craptastic SUV) and they all go with Nick to his ultrasound.  He's OK!  Plus they all chip in and pay for it for him.  Awwww!  Nick and Jess spark a bit and Winston's car finally dies.  The end!

Didja watch Breaking In "The Contra Club?"
Welcome back Contra folks.  I missed you, Christian Slater!  Welcome, Megan Mullally!  I'm gonna write this and assume anyone reading this far is familiar with Breaking In, though apparently you didn't watch the show last night (the numbers were less than stellar).
- We get re-intros to the group (Cash has toys, Mel picks locks, Cam is a hacker, and Oz runs things).  Megan Mullally is the new temp and she's a little off balance...especially when they explode her balance ball seat. Get it?!?!
- Turns out Oz is broke and has to sell the company to a big corporation that's buying up security firms.  Megan Mullally isn't just the temp but their new boss.  She wants to pass on the deal but they figure out a way to show corporate the holes in their system while giving Mullally's Ronnie the credit so they have to buy them out.  Clever.

- Oz ends the episode with a nifty nod to the Breakfast Club (the letter read at the end and the song.  Dear Lord, the song.) and I really hope this show finds an audience.  I need Christian Slater on my TV every week.

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