Thursday, March 29, 2012

Survivor "The Beauty in a Merge"

Apparently the new name of the merged tribe is Tikiano and they get a black buff.  The tribe members celebrate with bottles of something (champagne? wine?), fruit, bread and more.  This togetherness will only last so long.

Alicia – holding onto blaming Colton for screwing her over by not giving her the immunity idol.  Yes, I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with the fact that you’re not a likable person.
Jonas – showing his chef skills at camp and makes some coconut chips.  Nice.  Puts Tarzan in his place and he doesn’t take it that well.  Shocking.  Later, Jonas realizes that to make the right move he must apologize to Tarzan who gets all teary at it.  Their repaired relationship doesn’t last long.
Tarzan – has some smallish freakouts and possesses very little patience.was under the impression it’d be guys vs. girl again and makes the move to establish this plus Alicia because she was Colton’s toadie.  But…
Michael – who receives the pitch from Tarzan doesn’t have an interest in being in an alliance with Tarzan.  Actually, for someone of his type (strong dude) he's been way under the radar lately.

The members of each (randomly selected) team must do another race and dig combo then two members must put the puzzle together.  Reward is pizza, beer and a special note that tells the winners there’s another idol hidden back at camp. The orange team loses their lead but pulls out the win anyway. 

Chelsea – I’m totally jealous of her tan.  Poor thing is minding her own business, doing her laundry and Tarzan tosses his poop stained underpants in with her stuff.  EW! EW! EW!
Troy – Finds the hidden immunity idol!  Good for him.

And we have the traditional, ugly immunity necklace up for grabs.  Each Survivor has to perch on a log and balance a plate with 1, 2, then 3 balls on top.  If a ball falls or they do then they’re out.  Tarzan is first out and I’m hoping this is foreshadowing because dude annoys me.  It’s down to Leif, Kat and Troy.  Leif drops out, Troy seems to be struggling a bit and amazingly Kat seems to be in a trance.  I can’t believe I’m rooting for Kat!  Apparently I’m bad luck because she’s out and now Troy has two immunities.  Yup, this is definitely his island.  Be careful, Troy.

Back at camp everyone is discussing the next contestant to get the boot.  The ex-Salani tribe wants Jonas gone because he was the strongest of the Manono.  Tarzan wants it to be Kat because she’s useless around camp.  So how this plays out will confirm whether it’s guys vs. girls or ex-tribe vs. ex-tribe.  Chelsea wants to keep Jonas because he’s nice, he provides, etc. and wants to get rid of Tarzan.  I’m with her and not just because she’s from Chucktown.  Have I mentioned the fact that she’s from Charleston, SC?

Kim - points out that keeping Christina and Alicia around for now could be useful if the girls need to band together later.  Girl is thinking straight.  So even if the majority of former Salanis are voting together this week there’s still the option of gender later.  Smart.

At tribal:
Jeff asks what’s different now that they’ve merged?  Are they already planning who they want to be next to at the end (an argument for keeping Tarzan around because no one would give him the win)?  Does anyone ever give answers that are original or is it the same stuff every time?  Jonas gets vocal about his name coming up and makes a last effort to throw Michael’s name in the mix because he’s strong and smart, which makes him a threat during challenges.  He’s right, y’all.  But it matters not.

“Jonas, the tribe has spoken.”

Mom’s quote of the week (regarding Tarzan), “I’m so glad he wasn’t ever my doctor.”

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