Friday, March 30, 2012

Community and 30 Rock - Didja watch?

Didja watch Community "Digital Exploration of Interior Design?"

- Subway is open but no one remembered the scissors.  As an aside - it makes me kinda happy that Subway loves the shows I love (Chuck and Community).  According to school regs, any business on campus has to be part owned by a student.  Enter new student "Subway," played by Scrubs' Travis Schuldt. He's officially changed his name and is the real person representative of the collective corporate humanity.  All he had to do was waive his birth identity.  That's not at all strange because that's where we're headed...corporate sponsored humans.  Pierce and Shirley want Brita to befriend Subway and do a little corporate espionage but Brita won't be used! 

- Troy, Abed and Annie's building is currently tented for termites so they've had to find ways to sleep on campus.  Annie's signed up for a sleep study class where she just has to wake up screaming every so often. Troy and Abed have decided to do a pillow fort (not their already done blanket fort). They could set a world record, which would be easier if they do blankets again.  Abed won't be swayed but Troy wants that record so they split.  Y'all!  There is so much tension with Troy and Abed lately.  I'm stressed.  The A/C Repair College's Dean Laybourne, played by John Goodman, sees this tension and approaches Troy again about following his natural talent in A/C repair.  Troy resists and Dean Laybourne plays the Inspector Spacetime card with him.  Well done, sir. 

- In a smaller storyline, Jeff and Annie find a hate letter in the locker he never knew he had.  Now he wants to find the person, Kim, and force her to like him.  He's informed by another student that she died two weeks ago.  He's all busted up about it but it turns out Kim isn't dead and is really the guy student who told Jeff she was.  He's pissed that Jeff never remembers his name.  Annie thinks the dude is lame.

- Brita and Subway have tons in common, fall in love, and get it on.  They almost get away with it but a certain degenerate act during their lovemaking was recorded with a spy lipstick thingy and Subway gets fired then carted off.  Poor Brita.

- Troy could break the record but he'd have to overtake Abed's pillow fort.   Abed is about to take his fort down when Dean Laybourne appears behind him.  He gets in Abed's head and evokes Inspector Spacetime with him too.  Both sides fight and we get a "to be continued..." from Abed.  Intriguing.

Didja watch 30 Rock "The Shower Principle?"

- Liz is at her accountant's and finds out that she's totally predictable.  He's kind of oddly snarky about it too.  She's afraid she's stuck in a permanent rut so Liz goes to Jack about it.  He's in the middle of an important work thing...The Shower Principle.  This is that thing when you get a moment of genius creativity when you're doing something inane like showering.  Jack's hoping to get some inspiration while putting in his office.  He's determined to impress the Kabletown owner who thinks it's fancy to refer to the thing you sit on while watching TV as a "sofa" instead of a "couch."

- It's warmer out so Cerie is wearing tiny, tiny clothes.  As a matter of fact, so is Hazel who ups the creepy by handing out pictures of her in a bra.  "Eyes down here, boys.  I have breasts you know."  Also she's still creepy stalking Liz and works to get rid of Jenna. Speaking of Jenna, TGS is doing a McDonald's version of Macbeth and Jenna thinks it's cursed.  Really it's just Hazel trying to scare Jenna off the show so she can have Liz all to herself.

- Jack realizes listening to Liz and her problems is his Shower Principle.  He gets his inspriation - a couch factory for TV watchers - and it's total vertical integration!

- My bummer of the night was not getting to hear all of Mayor Macbeth at the end.  Stupid DVR cutting off too early!

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