Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Being Human - The Day After

"When I Think About You I Shred Myself"

Sally is getting job tips from Reaper and is about to take out a kid but it turns out there's a ghost possessing him.  She can't really get it done so Reaper steps in to finish him off.  One of the ghosts Stevie was accused of shredding shows up in the kitchen to ask Sally if she's seen him around.  She's shocked that Stevie wasn't lying about only shredding the guy who attacked her.  Then she's pissed at the Reaper for lying to her.  Oooo!  Reaper's gonna get it.  Sally goes to Zoe "the Reincarnator" and her boyfriend Nick (Sally's ex) for some help on the Reaper situation.  They're too busy with the cute babies and talk of Real Housewives to give her any real assistance but do suggest she try the ghost group again to see if they can provide some help.  Sally shows up to group and Reaper is already there.  Not only is he there but he's dispatched of all the ghosts in the group.  Zoe is there and is perplexed and pissed and keeps yelling at Sally for killing everyone.  Huh?  I don't think Zoe sees him, which could possibly be explained away by his special circumstances.

Josh runs into Julia at the hospital and they set some ground rules for being around each other and not being all awkward about it.  She makes some crack about his rage problem and his "bark being worse than his bite" but who cares?!?! Jay Effing Baruchel shows up!!!  He's Stu and he was there on the fateful camping trip when Josh was attacked (and subsequently turned).  Stu thinks the werewolf consequence was better than what he got, which was dead.  Josh is happy, though hesitant at first, to see him.  They catch up and Stu warns Josh off of starting things back up with Julia.  Josh assures him there's nothing there but friendship.  I'm just so happy to see Jay on TV and realize I have crushes on the some geeky actors.  Josh, Julia and Stu, who has taken to following them around, are all in a sexual harassment seminar and giggling at terribly inopportune times.  After work the trio go to the local bar to shoot some pool.  Josh and Julia are getting along terribly well and Stu is still pushing his agenda until he decides that he'd rather push his way into Josh.  Ew!  Not like that.  Stu possesses Josh and woos Julia into bed.  Worst. Idea. Ever.  This is going to be all sorts of bad.  The next morning Josh wakes up and is stunned that he's in bed with Julia and quickly figures out what Stu did to get him there.  WORST! IDEA! EVER!  Josh is yelling up a storm until Stu admits that he's been in love with Julia since high school.  Stu does a 180 from his previous advice and encourages Josh to try and make things work with Julia.  Too bad Josh is convinced that life with him could only end up destroying Julia.  Josh and Julia talk a bit and he's way too hesitant to get into a relationship with her again whereas she seems quite comfortable in his arms.  They make out as a sullen Stu watches from another room and then leaves.  Poor Stu.

Aidan brings Henry to the house and Josh must invite him in.  I keep forgetting Josh is the only living being there.  Huh.  Anywhoodle, Henry is currently all muscle and not in a sexy or fit kind of way. They get to reminiscing and we get some handy WWI flashbacks of when they were soldiers.  Aidan's been shot and Henry's the medic on duty.  This is how they meet and I'm guessing this is Henry's vampire history as well.  Back in present time, Aidan's brought home a couple of girls to speed up Henry's healing time.  I guess Aidan is tired of looking at a skinless Henry.  Aidan compels the girls to not only go inside the house but to see Henry as the most beautiful man they've ever seen.  We flashback again and a French soldier/patient sees Aidan sucking on some bloody surgery towels.  Ew.  Frenchie goes off to Henry about how they're all going to die because Aidan is a vampire, er, vaaahhhmpeeer.  Henry ignores Frenchie but is intrigued by the undead Aidan.  Back in present day, the two compelled girls get into bed with Henry and get all bloodied up too.  Ew.  The compulsion wears off and the girls realize where they are and who they're with.  They start screaming bloody murder and Aidan has to put them out of their misery by snapping their necks.  Henry jumps out of bed, grabs one of the recently dead girls and actually says, "5-second rule!"  We flashback again to see Frenchie go after Aidan with a stake but Henry jumps in the way and takes the stake for him.  Aidan dispatches of the hospital staff and patients.  Aidan removes the stake from Henry's belly and promised him eternal life, sorta.  Henry wakes up in a field with Aidan hovering just above and live but bound person next to him.  It's a gift for the beginning of Henry's new life.  In present day, a cleaning truck is removing the two girls from the house and Josh wanders up to meet Henry who has healed in a shocking amount of time.  Josh figures out how this has occurred and flips out on Aidan.

5-second rule, indeed!
This bring us to the end where Nick has stopped by to talk to Sally about her imaginary Reaper that no one else seems to see.  He's trying to help her but he doesn't see Reaper walking up behind him.  Nick starts to get shredded when Josh and Aidan come in and try to get SALLY to stop shredding Nick.  Say what?!?  Turns out Sally has been doing all the shredding herself and Nick is her most recent victim (poor Zoe).  Sally's been around too long and it's been doing something to her.  In fact she breaks it to Josh and Aidan that Sally's not here anymore.  They finally trap her on the stairs with a salt outline and are unsure what to do next.  Tune in next week for...Sally's big freak out!  Yay!

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