Friday, March 2, 2012

Survivor: One World "One World is Out the Window"

Due to forces beyond my control I was not able to post anything yesterday.  Boo.  So here's my Survivor post a day late.

Previously: The women are a mess and get a stern talking-to from Jeff to shape up or they'll be shipped out. 
Currently: The rains have come and the guys are nice enough to invite the girls over to their camp to share the tarp they won last week.  The girls, trying to prove they're tough, instead prove they're just stubborn and say thanks but no thanks.  In fact the girls get a bit more ridiculous after the reward challenge but I'll get to that.

Chelsea from Chucktown - She wants them to have some confidence and positivity.  This will be hard to achieve considering how wet, cold, tired and hugry they are.
Kat - Still screwing up challenges and it takes her 7 times to get her part of the reward challenge right.  It's a good thing that the guy she was up against, Troy, was just as forgetful.

Speaking of reward, the challenge this week, which Jeff showed up to (unlike last week), was a memory game and the women DOMINATED.  That was just the boost they needed.

Alicia - Still annoying and denies a completely logical deal with the guys.  As their reward, the women won a canoe and fishing gear.  The men offer to give them fire in exchange for one day's (ONE DAY!) use of the canoe.  But the stubborn and short-sighted women have to 'discuss it.'  There's a good number of them who are incredibly petty (including Alicia) and don't want to share.  Honestly one good deed from them could help later but they can't see the forrest for the trees.
Monica - She turns out to be a decent spear-fisher.  Good for her!
Kim - not much to say this week.
Sabrina - She ends up not being great for the first part of the immunity challenge but excelled in the second part. 

Speaking of immunity, this week's challenge had two parts.  The first part was a blindfolded obstacle course in which a caller (Sabrina for the girls and Bill for the guys) directed the pairs to bags of puzzle pieces.  It was chaos but the men finished in plenty of time to get a good 5 minute headstart over the ladies.  It didn't matter because the ladies totally pulled it out in a nail-biting finish.  They worked together during the puzzle and communicated well.  Jeff's warning worked.  Well for now.  I'm sure they'll slide back into their bad behavior.  This brings us to the guys...

Troy - He was legitimately happy for the girls after they were able to catch fish but I suspect it's more a 'pat on the head, aw, isn't that cute' kind of way.
Tarzan - Thankfully he either wasn't in his Speedo or the camera guy didn't focus on it.  Thank you, camera guy!  He is surprisingly open during the post challenge strategy time.
Jay - Still talks too much and uses that silly voice of his.  He makes a swap from the male-model alliance and sides with the "Average Joes" (as Matt coined them) for the vote.  I wonder if this is a permanent switch.  Tarzan still doesn't count him amongst their numbers so I guess he'll have to prove himself trustworthy.
Bill - on Colton's radar because he's a "Bro" kind of guy.  He's hyper and just really happy to be there. 
Colton - He was less annoying this week and made some small moves to assert his power.  He also chose not to use his immunity idol this week.
Matt- less sensitive to the girls' plight of being cold, wet, etc.  He makes a power move during Tribal Council which I think sealed his fate.

"Matt, the tribe has spoken."
My mother is bummed about his departure because as she said, "He's so nice to look at."

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