Thursday, March 15, 2012

Survivor: One World "A Bunch of Idiots"

Well kids, it's boys vs. girls no longer.  That didn't last long.  They show up for the reward challenge and Jeff makes them drop their buffs almost immediately.  They each choose an egg, which will determine their new tribe.  Seeing the result, one would assume it was planned because the teams are less than even.  The new Manono is: Colton, Alicia, Tarzan, Christina, Leif, Monica and Jonas.  The new Salani is made up of: Kim, Michael, Sabrina, Troy, Chelsea, Jay, and Kat. 

The tribes must work together in teams of four to carry a large bucket full of holes and water across a bridge to fill up another bucket.  Unsurprisingly Salani wins and they get to stay on the beach that's already been established and take home peanut butter, jelly, bread, coffee and sugar.  Manono gets to hike to a new beach that, helpfully, already has some amenities. 

The new Manono tribe is battling a defeatist attitude towards the game now.  Icky Alicia and Ickier Colton gravitate to each other.  They plot to get rid of Monica but Alicia is hesitant to go along with Colton's plan at first.  But like a good little sheep she falls in line, as do the rest of them. 

The folks in the new Salani tribe spend their time catching crabs (not a euphemism), chickens, and eating the spoils from the reward challenge.  Kat dishes with Troy and Jay about the girls and plans on keeping her options open.  If she's smart this could work for her.  One thing she has going for her is that she finds the immunity idol, then hides it in her crotch.  Don't ask.  She approaches Chelsea to tell her about it because she trusts her and why shouldn't she?  Chelsea's a Chucktown girl and there are none better!  They wisely strategize to not let the rest of the folks see them as a pair.


It's full-tackle basketball in the ocean.  Really there's no other way to describe this.  There are three from each time in the water for each round and there are no real rules besides not killing each other.  It gets a little cringe-worthy at times, especially when Michael tosses around Leif and a couple of the girls.  Salani wins 3-1 (Monica being the only person who scored for Manono).

Speaking of Manono, Colton is still very much out to get Monica even though she's the most helpful around camp, the nicest person there, and the strongest person on their team.  They're already the underdogs so getting rid of your strongest player this early on is a genius idea.  No, really.  That's smart.  As usual everyone nods in agreement at Queen Colton's plan.  Jonas even goes so far as to say he's totally willing to be Colton's bitch as long as it means he's not getting voted out.  Who gave Colton all this power?  This is the perfect situation for him.  I just hope that once they merge some people gain a little courage.


 I feel like Jeff must watch some of the footage at the camps before tribal because he starts in almost immediately about what a benefit to the team Monica is.  Tarzan is absolutely bizarre and daffy and can barely keep anyone's names straight. 

"Monica, the tribe has spoken."  Jeff wraps up the episode by basically calling them all idiots.  They really are.

Mom's quote of the night, "Her boobs are like little balloons."

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