Friday, March 23, 2012

Didja watch Community and 30 Rock?

Didja watch Community “Contemporary Impressionists?”
 - The group, sans Jeff, catches up after their winter break.  Brita’s taking Intro to Human Psychology.  Look out!  Also…human psych?  What kind of psych has she been taking before now?  Jeff arrives as does the sexy.  He informs the group that his swagger has new swagger.  This is thanks to a new shrink who has him on anti-anxiety meds that have boosted his self-confidence.  Brita is concerned, y’all.

- Abed has been hiring actors to re-enact scenes with him from his favorite movies.  Chang, thinking he’s helping, shoots at them with a tranq gun.  The Dean tries to yell at him but Change squint pouts and this only makes the Dean feel hatred for Renee Zellweger.  YAY!  I love hatred for Zellweger! 

- Brita looked up Jeff’s meds and thinks he could be vulnerable to a syndrome called hyper-narcissocis and I have no idea how one would spell such a fake syndrome.  Jeff thinks she’s overreacting as is the Dean’s seizure at the sight of a sexy Jeff.

 - French Stewart shows up and he’s the owner of the celeb impersonator service that Abed’s been using.  He hires the group for a gig (Howie Schwartz’s Star Mitzvah!), which will cover Abed’s tab.  If they screw it up then Abed’s legs get broken by guys who look like Ving Rhames and Michael Chiklis.  Troy is concerned, y’all.

- At the Star Mitzvah Jeff is getting tons of compliments and his ego gets dangerously big.  The guy who played Not Moby on HIMYM is there playing…Moby.  He looks a lot like the Dean too, which confuses Chang.  There are awards at the Star Mitzvah and Howie wins them all.  This upsets Jeff’s ego because it thinks Jeff should win Most Handsome Young Man.  When he doesn’t the ego explodes and he hulks out.  It’s pretty great. 

- Troy’s pissed at Abed for wasting money on the celeb impersonators.  Abed’s upset that Troy lied to him about being angry and has some alone time in the dreamatorium.  Actually, that’s not accurate.  He has time with a goatee’d Abed in the dreamatorium.  Oh boy.

- And Chang gets his Patton on.

Didja watch 30 Rock "Grandmentor" and "Kidnapped by Danger?"

I did but I just don't really care about it. So here's a quickie recap:

- Jack made a TV movie in hopes of getting Avery back from North Korea; the best part of this storyline is his brother, William, playing actor Lance Drake Mandrell, who gets hired to play Jack in the TV movie.  He's pretty great at playing Alec playing Jack. 

- Hazel the page is creepy and puts Tracy's life in danger, which Kenneth has to fix.

- Kenneth is strange 

- Jenna is crazy.

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