Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Being Human "Don't Fear the Scott"

It's still kinda making me giggle that they named the Reaper "Scott."  But then I'm easily amused.  Sally is doing a little cross-promotion by watching some Syfy reality programming about ghosts.  How very meta!  "Scott" the Reaper is trying to chat with her but she just turns the volume up on the TV.  Aidan and Josh totally want to be there for her but they get preoccupied with their respective girlfriends. To get her mind off of the bad that she's done, Sally goes to visit Janet in the crazy part of the hospital.  You remember Janet!  She's the girlfriend of the cute doc that Sally kept possessing so she could get it on with cute doc.  Janet couldn't get anyone to believe her about her dreams and visions so they checked her into the mental ward.  Nice.

Aidan and Henry are prepping for Mother's visit but Henry can't be too involved...old wounds being as easily opened and all.  Even if you're a vampire that heals quickly.  Josh and Julia are dating again and he wants her to be comfortable coming over to the house. He harbors some hope that it won't be awkward even though she and Aidan totally bumped uglies not so long ago.  Josh wants to do a dinner with both couples and Sally.  Too bad Aidan never took the time to tell Suren about his past with Julia.

Dinner is a bit awkward at first and Sally watches from in the kitchen and provides some bored commentary.  Then Suren tells them a sweet story about how she's always loved Aidan (he secretly tended to an orchid she kept trying to kill) and I melt.  Also, Suren loves Antiques Roadshow, which happens to be one of Josh's favorites.  I didn't think I'd come around to Suren but I gotta say she's winning me over a bit.  If only she'd stop feasting on humans.  Suren and Julia establish, less awkwardly than you might think, that they did not in fact overlap with Aidan and all is well.  How very mature of them.  Unfortunately for Aidan this pleasantness doesn't prevent the nightmare he has of Suren sucking Julia's blood and offering him an arm.

Josh and Julia are all kissy in front of the hospital and of course this is when they reveal Nora standing there watching.  Now that's awkward.  Much more so than dinner the night before.  Nora wants Josh and is a little surprised at the speed with which he got back with Julia.  She and Sally catch up, which is good because Sally needs a female friend.  Nora even offers to help Sally speak to Janet and try to help her understand that she's not crazy.  Nora explains the situation and Janet is hesitant to buy it until it's proven to her through one of Sally's poems from when she was little.  It's a sweet poem too but I didn't write it down.  Sally apologizes to her and Nora is determined to get Janet out somehow.  This also helps Sally realize that her will is stronger than "Scott" the Reaper's influence over her and that's pretty great.  "Scott" the Reaper seems to be giving Sally some space now so she turns the TV volume down and enjoys her peace.

Mother decides Suren's been doing a fine job in Boston and wants to keep her there, which upsets Suren but not as much as the next thing Mother declares.  She grants Aidan his freedom but really it equates to his banishment from all things vamp...including Suren.  No one is allowed to associate with him or they'll be punished severely.  Aidan wants to take Suren away to see the world and she seems up for it.  This will go well.  I'm sure of it.  He's all packed and ready and barely gives Josh and Sally a proper goodbye.  It's very bittersweet and I don't want him to go.  And just like that, he's gone.  They end up at a seedy motel and it's not quite what Suren had in mind.  I'm guessing Aidan thought they'd have more time before Henry and his thugs found them.  Oops.

Nora fills Josh in on what happened to her while she was hanging out with female twin who apparently has quite the appetite for destruction.  Oh and Nora knows how Josh can lift his wolfie curse.  If he can find and kill Ray (his maker) it'll be reversed.  Josh doesn't believe it's that easy and yet he still refuses to take a life, even if it's the guy who ruined his.  So if Nora wants her life back she'd have to kill Josh but she can't do it either.  She loves him too much.  Julia had given him the option to pick and he chooses her.  Poor Nora. 

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