Monday, September 26, 2011

Beth’s Inquiry – Two and a Half Men

One of the ideas I had while starting this blog is to not only give you, our dear, sweet readers opinions on stuff Tracy and I already watch but to also be open to suggestions.  I believe there is good in every movie (but not every TV show) and I love a good challenge.  Tracy took me to task, threw down the proverbial gauntlet and dared me to find something good to say about a movie.  I was thrilled to oblige.  Just last week my friend issued a slightly similar challenge.

My friend Beth (Hi Beth!) mentioned on my FB page that she was interested in hearing what we thought about the new Two and Half Men.  Specifically she said, "Would love to read what y'all thought about Two and a Half Men - as a general rule, I really really don't like the show but have to admit I was curious about Ashton...."  Ok, so not really a gauntlet throwing. It's not like someone saying, “Hey Alisa, I bet you can’t find anything good to say about wolf-boy’s new movie, Abduction.”  Anyone? Anyone?  Well, Beth, I too was curious about Ashton so I gladly watched the premiere episode of the new Two and Half Men.  Thankfully it was on my OnDemand so I didn't have to work too hard to find the episode.  Yes, yes, I am aware it's online but typically I can speed through commercials on OnDemand.

I have seen a few episodes of Two and Half Men but that was always while I was at the mechanic’s waiting for my car to be fixed up.  Periodically there would be laughs but mostly it was all the same joke.  Charlie Sheen was a womanizing drunk; Jon Cryer was a hapless, slightly whiney, broke dude; and then there was the kid.  Again, I'm not a regular viewer but from the few episodes I'd seen the kid didn't do much but serve up situations where normal adults would edit themselves but no, not Charlie.

Ok, so enough background.  It'd be difficult to be a fan of all things pop-culture and not know anything about Charlie Sheen's situation with the show.  I also knew that there were plans to kill off his character.  Smart move, writers/producers!  The funeral was very funny and a clever send-off.  The room was filled with Charlie's exes who all wanted their chance to spit (literally and figuratively) on the memory of the dearly departed and on the departed himself.   

The next scene was of their realtor mother holding an open house in order to sell Charlie's Malibu home. Of course this means Alan would be homeless, isn't he like an optometrist or something?  He could afford a place SOMEWHERE.  I know LA is expensive but dude, that's ridiculous that he can't support himself.  Again I'm showing my lack of knowledge because I'm sure they've explained this part of the show at some point.  Anywhoodle, some famous folks show up to view the house including John Stamos who had an awkward threesome there once and Dharma and Greg who are still married but don't seem too happy about it. (it won't let me embed the video).

Then Ashton shows up on the deck all wet after an apparent botched suicide attempt.  The funny kind of ended there and it jumped right into the same old same old.  I really did like the beginning of the show and thought they handled it very well.  However I won't be watching again, you know, until I'm back at the mechanic's.

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