Thursday, September 15, 2011

This is not a review of ANTM

Let me say that again.  This is not a review of America's Next Top Model.  That show is what it is.  It is a trainwreck.  It is another outlet for Tyra's ego.  It is a guilty pleasure in the truest sense.

I was going to resist the new season which has brought together loved and hated contestants from the past.  I'm glad I'm weak because I got to see this:

"Noted Fashion Photographer" Nigel Barker
Nigel, as seen above, is usually without hair.  I quite prefer him without it.  I'm not the only one who noticed too.  When typing the words "Nigel Barker hair" on Google you can choose from 303,000 articles.  Here are two:

NY Daily News (provider of the photo) has an explanation has a side to side comparison and poll

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