Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Charmed Recap: Feminista Edition

I've made it halfway through season 1!

Episodes Watched
"The Witch Is Back"
"Wicca Envy"
"Feats of Clay"
"The Wendigo"

Into It:
The show seems to be making an interesting argument about gender and power, by literalizing the concept of "powers" through witchcraft, and then showing how people might sabotage women who try to wield it. In "The Witch Is Back," we have a seventeenth-century lounge lizard who gets women to use their powers on him so he can claim them as his own.
How you doin'?

In "Wicca Envy," Rex from the auction house lets his evil flag fly, showing off his brand new skill of "astral projection" to get into Chez Halliwell unseen. His creepy see-through aura not only subliminally urges Prue to participate in framing herself for stealing a valuable necklace, he also hopes to convince the girls to relinquish their own powers. A particularly chilling moment has him whispering to Piper that, "You're a miserable witch," making her think her own mind had given her that self-defeating message. On Buffy (my ur-supernatural text), misogyny is always a mark of villainy. Seems like Charmed is going the same way.

Over It:
The god-awful 90s hair on some of the guys. Here's an especially egregious example:
Why isn't "makeover" one of the powers of three?

Waiting for It:
In "The Witch Is Back," the Halliwell sisters meet their great great grandwitch in an attempt to vanquish the aforementioned lounge lizard. While talking with her, Phoebe asks an interesting question: "Why do Warren witches lose their moms so early?" It makes me wonder if there's some kind of curse on the family, and what will happen if one of the Charmed Ones becomes a mother in the next seven seasons. Also: Leo is magic! This has promise!
A sparkle that is practically Cullen-esque

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