Saturday, September 3, 2011

Throwing a gauntlet

I challenge Alisa to come up with positives for Apollo 18.


  1. Awwww, man! Fine. I'll go this weekend. I'm not happy about it but it does seem to be my mission in life. I can't read your review until I do. :(

  2. Hi Matt! I was thinking about Blair Witch the other day and couldn't remember who I saw it with. You kept popping in my head but I'm pretty sure it wasn't you. I think we saw The Ring though, right? I wish I had a better memory.

    I do know that we saw one of the 3 movies I've wanted to walk out of: Van Helsing.

  3. I saw Blair Witch on video, and I am pretty sure I also waited for The Ring to come out on video before seeing it...

    Van Helsing we did see together...and it was truly awful. I know we also saw Fellowship of the Ring together, but I can't recall much beyond that.