Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Morning After - Monday nights

Last night Alisa watched How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls. And was very annoyed about it.

How I Met Your Mother was a lot of the same old same old. FIND THE MOTHER ALREADY!  Listen, I will watch this show until it ends whether they find the mother or not.  It feels like the writers are under the impression that people will stop watching once they find the mother.  The people watching are not just watching to see who the mother is.  We're there because it's usually a funny show.  Ok, we're there because Neil Patrick Harris is incredibly talented, Alyson Hannigan is great, and Jason Segal has a willingness to be in any sort of situation.  Cobie Smulders is sweet but boring.  The guy who plays Ted, whose name I can never remember, is supposed to be the center of the show and really he's the weakest link.  Then Saget-Ted tells us last night that finding the mom is still way far away.  Is that a nod to how obnoxiously long they've already dragged this out?!?! Freaking find her already and give Ted some much needed interest.

Then we have the new CBS sitcom,  2 Broke Girls. They got sorta kinda got close to being something worth watching but overall it was disappointing.  I wanted to like this show.  I really enjoy Kat Dennings and think she has a lot of untapped potential. The other girl doesn't have a whole lot of acting experience.  It shows, though she wasn't horrible.  Mostly the jokes need to be stronger for it to work.  There were a couple of jokes that were kinda funny but just didn't land hard enough.  I was thinking perhaps the lack of funny was due to the timing of the actresses but really I think the writing just wasn't great. 

The deal is both girls are broke (which I'm sure you got from the clever title) and work together at a diner in Brooklyn. Caroline is a Wharton grad, recently broke due to her greedy father stealing from most of Manhattan.  Max is street-smart and has always been broke.  Max's boyfriend cheats on her in the first episode and she kicks him out.  Isn't it convenient she knows a homeless ex-socialite who needs a place to stay?!?!

One thing that bugged me was that they treat Brooklyn like a slum. I've been to Brooklyn (not all of it but some) and I don't remember it being as sketchy as they made it seem on the show.  Didn't the Cosby's live in Brooklyn?!?!  Anywhoodle I'll be giving this show one more shot.  The addition of Caroline's horse could be fun.  Maybe since this was created by Michael Patrick King, creator of Sex and the City, they could re-name the horse Sarah-Jessica. Too mean?
We can't be *that* broke. We have Starbucks!

Last night Tracy watched Dancing with the Stars and Castle. 

Let me open by saying that naming the horse Sarah-Jessica is "too mean" only if by "mean" you mean "awesome." I would watch the show only for that reason.

Okay, it's my first time at the DwtS rodeo. I'm perpetually late to the party, remember? So I can't really appreciate the "new ballroom" they mentioned every fifteen seconds. It sort of looked like an airplane hangar to me, but whatever. I was surprised by how good Kristin Cavallari was, not a bit surprised by how good Carson Kressly was, and am rooting for Chaz Bono just like everyone else (not least because I think an appearance by Cher is in offing). It was also quite nice to see Courteney Cox and Coco cheering for David Arquette. A deal's a deal, Courteney! I'm not sure who they're going to kick off, since the really crappy "stars" (Ron Artest, Nancy Grace) are paired with new or otherwise appealing pros. They're really playing up the brother vs. brother Maksim vs. Val thing, so unfortunately, George Clooney's ex, who not only has the body of a dress form, but dances like one, isn't going anywhere. I predict Rob Kardashian will also stay since his annoying sisters are sure to show up every week.

Castle was an hour of a lot of loose-end tying from last season's "cliff-hanger" (anyone who actually believed Beckett was going to die has never seen a television program, ever). The big news is, there's a new captain who, and I know you'll find this hard to believe, is a by-the-book hard-ass who will toss Castle out on the street if he puts one toe outta line. The episode was fine enough, but I tend to enjoy the more campy, Moonlighting-y episodes than the serious ones tracing the (four seasons and counting) meta-story of Beckett's mom's murder. Looks like next week is going to be more my style, as it's a [squee] comic book case! Oh, and on a semi-related note, according to Serenity, today is Captain Malcolm Reynolds's birthday. You are so . . . very . . . pretty.
Happy birthday, Captain Tightpants.

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