Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmys - The Morning After

I stayed up for the whole thing!  That is a big deal, people!  I watched the whole show from beginning to end and even made it through the awful Fox red-carpet coverage.  Where do they dig those people up and why is it impossible for them to ask good questions?  Anywhoodle, Tracy watched some of it but was busy reading. Jane Lynch would make fun of her for doing so when she could have been watching TV!

The following are just a few of the things that caught my attention.

- Jane’s opening song could very well be my theme song. Sad but true.
- The Best Actress in a Comedy thing was very funny
- Downton Abbey winning!  I'm not a regular viewer of PBS mini-series but I loved Downton Abbey.
- Margo Martindale winning for Justified (bonus: Ashton rushing to help her up the steps)
- Fashion highs:
Jane Lynch - Beautiful color and I loved the bracelets
Kelly MacDonald - I love the lace and think it makes a beautiful silhouette
Sofia Vergara - I'm a sucker for coral and she knows what flatters

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder - there was a lot of red this year but I think her whole look was very glamorous

- Why was Charlie Sheen there? Was there some stipulation that said he had to make a public apology? I would love it if the guy cleans up his life and makes a comeback (Robert Downey Jr. could give him tips) but it’s too soon to be cheering for him as much as some people were
- I didn't see the need for the musical medley from Lonely Island but then I'm way over 30 years old. Michael Bolton was a good sport and I'm pretty sure that was Ed Helms and John Stamos singing the three-way song.
- Fashion lows:
Ahhh, Gwynnie - When she was seated you could see the netting between the top and skirt. It bunched up and looked like rolls of skin.
Drew Barrymore - None of these dresses wowed me but Drew's was bizarre
Katie Holme - Boring dress, weird fit, boring hair.
Heidi Klum - Oh, Heidi.  No.
Julianna Margulies - I literally have a bag of those glass ovals in my container of crafty things. I can make you a lovely pendant with one if you'd like. I refuse to glue it to clothes though.

- Julie Bowen beating Jane Lynch for Best Supporting Actress
- Coach Taylor, er, Kyle Chandler’s win as Coach Taylor. About time.

Me being all judgmental
- Ariel Winter from Modern Family may not have parents.  I'd like to believe that if she does have parents they would have stopped her before leaving the house in this dress.  There’s no reason why a 13-year old with braces should have cleavage. This picture doesn’t quite show it but when she was on stage it was obvious and icky. Her TV mom, Julie Bowen, would NEVER let her wear this:

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  1. I love love love your comments and agree with most. I loved seeing Molten (Michael + Bolton) dressed up as a pirate and singing. Hated the song. My Mike and I just looked at each other adn said , "Huh?" I hate Goopy, nothing she ever wearts fits well. I guess the Countess was right - money can't buy you class!