Monday, September 26, 2011

TV Shows Premiering This Week!

Did you see The Good Wife and/or Pan Am last night?  I have some strong opinions about the direction The Good Wife may be going but I'm choosing not to get preachy. 

Doesn't it seem like all the shows should have been out by now?  Feel like something you usually watch isn't back yet?  You're right.  There are still more shows like Chuck, Bones, House and more that won't be back until October and possibly even November.

Tonight we have:
I've been hearing about this show for over a year. I hope it's good.
   Gossip Girl (CW)
   Terra Nova* (FOX)
   Hart of Dixie* (CW)
   Mike & Molly (CBS

Wednesday night:
   Suburgatory (ABC)
   Happy Endings (ABC)

Thursday night:
   How to Be a Gentleman (CBS)
   Private Practice** (ABC)

I'm very excited about Terra Nova and hope it lives up to its potential.  And of course I'm going to watch Hart of Dixie. It's a fish-out-of-water show starring Summer Roberts and Jason Street!

*I'll be watching and probably blogging about.

**Don't judge.  I'm giving it one last shot and if I'm as pissed off at the show as I currently am at Grey's then I'll probably give them both up.  Take that, Shonda!


  1. I hate Mike and Molly with every fiber of my being. And the fact that she won an Emmy for that steaming pile of crap makes it even worse. I watched a couple episodes last year and don't think I even cracked a smile once.

    The show is nothing but a half hour of fat jokes, with such zingers as:

    “[Five years] is longer than any relationship I’ve ever had. Except maybe Colonel Sanders.”


    "Tattoo it on your eating hand. That way you’ll surely remember it.”

    Ha Ha! See, it's funny because they're overweight!

  2. I've never seen one episode of Mike and Molly and that's because everything you said is what I suspected. Honestly I'm pretty sure she won the Emmy for something else (I think voters were still thinking about her in Bridesmaids). I fear for what's going to happen with her on SNL this weekend.